Your New Kitten(s)

Your New Kitten(s)

Kittens are adorable but they require special care. Weighing as little as two pounds, they are fragile, even though they might not appear so. If you have young children, always supervise time with the kitten(s).

If you already have a cat, here is a procedure for introducing your new kitten:

How Not to Make the Fur Fly

If you are planning to adopt a kitten, be aware that Ninth Life Cat Rescue has a ‘two kitten rule’. If there is no other cat or dog at home, then we insist that kittens be adopted in pairs, or a kitten plus an older cat. The kittens do not need to be from the same litter. Here are our reasons:

The Two Kitten Rule

Here are articles that will help you get started:

Surviving Your First 30 Days

Twenty Things Your Cat Wants You to Know

Getting to Know Your Kitten

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