Week 1 with Ed and Al, formerly Jarr and Earl

Our family has had all kinds of pets over the years, but after our family dog passed on four years ago, we couldn’t bear the quiet void any longer. After searching for the past year for the right fit, my dad found these little guys at the Burlington PetsMart with the intention of adopting only Jarr, but we couldn’t bear to separate these 7-month-old brothers! My sister adopted Jarr, and I adopted Earl. Both were a little evasive and didn’t like being held the few times we met them in the store, and my family was particularly worried about Earl because he was much more nervous than his brother, but I loved him too much to leave him. I knew he’d fair better with his brother around.

Upon awaiting our application to process, we made a list of every set of brothers or BFFs we could think of from fiction we like, and eventually we agreed re-naming Earl (black) as Edward, and Jarr (grey) as Alphonse, after the Elric brothers for their golden eyes. But after bringing them home and seeing how they adjust, their personalities couldn’t be more opposite to their namesakes. Al was immediately very attention-needy, mischievous and curious, claimed my bed for himself but loves to be cuddled. Ed is very shy and skittish, but an absolute purr machine if you approach him quietly and calmly. They’re both adjusting so fast and every time we wake up to find them crammed into the bed they came with, we are so happy we didn’t separate these two. Only one week with us, and a huge difference — and they’re growing so fast!

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