We LOVE Our Darling Little Sadie (renamed from Sushi)!!

We LOVE Our Darling Little Sadie (renamed from Sushi)!!

We always are delighted to hear stories from our new adopters. Here is Sushi’s / Sadie’s story.

We have absolutely fallen in love with our darling little Sadie (formerly known as Sushi when we met her at the PetSmart Charities Adoption site in Oakville). We didn’t just pick Sadie, Sadie chose us as well, and now our family is complete.

Sadie’s heart is full of love; she is patient, gentle, and an absolute gem! Whatever happened in Sadie’s life before finding her forever home, she came out of it sweetly, gracefully, and with high spirits. Sadie is charming, tidy, polite and a total darling. We are so fortunate to have this lovely little soul in our lives.


Sushi-2-jun19 sushi-header Sadie_Sushi-2-1.png Sadie_Sushi-1-0.jpg

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