Waffle(Rotini) Adoption

Waffle(Rotini) Adoption

Another adoption success story:

This is Waffle formally known as Rotini. Waffle is now approximately 8 months old.Waffle has 2 brothers, Biscuit and Gus. Waffle always wants to play and is always there for a snuggle when you need it. Waffle is such an amazing cat we are so lucky to have him!!

rotini r1 rotini 4 rotini 2

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  • Milli Toth says

    I am grateful & so very happy to hear when another amazing kitten/cat has been adopted.
    I hope you find a lot of happiness with your new family member. We have two new rescues this year (kittens) and cannot even express in words how happy we are with them both. All the best and thank you for sharing.

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