The Story of Lemon & Lime

The Story of Lemon & Lime

Here is just one of so many stories about stray cats who are found, trapped and, with luck, eventually adopted. This one is told by Steph, who has fostered so many pregnant mommas and helped them through difficult births.

Lemon went into labour last night. After a few hours is was evident something was very wrong as her labour had stalled and even seemed to regress. At 9:00 pm I started calling 24-hour vets in the area to see who was equipped or staffed to do a c-section: only one vet about 30 minutes away. I packed up Lemon and we started to drive. I had also left a message for Rivergrove vet Dr. Padma to see if there was any chance they were still in clinic and could perform the surgery.

Just as I was arriving at the other vet, Dr. Padma called to say she and Dr. Banger (the senior veterinarian who does excellent surgery) would come in and help us. Being more comfortable with a vet I know, I raced back to wait for them. At 10:30 they arrived and by 10:45 p.m. they began the surgery. What felt like the longest hour of my life finally ended just before midnight.

Like an expectant father back in the 70’s, I was called in to meet Lemon’s one and only very large baby girl – Lime. I had to help give her oxygen, suction out her airways and massage her to keep her warm. The vets continued to work on Lemon. Around 12:30 am Lime got to meet her very groggy mommy.

Heading home with Lime

I brought them both home just after 1:30 am and started Lime on a bottle. Hungry girl quickly sucked back 3.5cc and had a nice pee for me before I returned her to snuggle with momma. Around 4:30 am she took another 5cc and went back to momma.

Around 7:00 am, I was finally able to get a bit of milk from mom and Lime was able to latch on. She’s quietly purring and kneading and hopefully filling her belly. Lemon has a huge scar and I’m sure doesn’t feel great but she is purring away herself.

I am not sure if Lime will need more supplementing but I’m praying they have it figured out and they can relax and recover from this ordeal. I, on the other hand, have to wonder why I keep fostering. I am not sure I’ve had a smooth case yet, but I know I’ll take in another momma, another litter of orphans, some bottle babies, because that’s what we do. We rescue. If it was easy we would be the people who put these cats in these situations.

I wish everyone could truly understand how important it is to spay and neuter. How vital fosters & volunteers are. How thankless, yet amazing rescue is.

Thank you to all of you for being such great fosters, volunteers, cat sitters and supporters. You do so much for all the fur babies.

May 23rd Update: Lime is one week old and thriving. She gained over 100 grams and is nice and chunky. Lemon is an amazing momma.

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  • Audrey M. Urjasz says

    OMG, today I got up and was going into the city. Driving up to the end of our long driveway Zaire could see something was at the end of the driveway. My heart stopped for sure, what was it.
    In a tapped up card board was 3 beautiful kittens. Hungry , thirsty, in bad shape. I took them back to the house and have taken care of them for a month now. Sad news is I love one of the kittens now, as it sleeps with me.
    I have rescued another cat with 8 kittens while in my other home in BC.
    I have got the whole team with me, as I moved back to Regina,I love everyone of them and they sure love me.
    I’m also taking care of my grandaughter 2 Siamese cats.will probably end up permanent.
    I’m asking if you can take in the 2 other kittens dumped on me. One is a orangy boy, the other a silvery color a female. I just can’t keep anymore kittens. I can provide some food for them to you .please let me know if you have room.
    I’m on pension that doesn’t even cover my rent anymore. I’m so sad that we have people that just dump animals anywhere. Hope I hear from you either way. Thx.

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