The Day We Rescued 19 Cats

The Day We Rescued 19 Cats

On Saturday, May 27, 2017, the Ninth Life family grew by 18 cats, plus four tummies full of kittens. Last week some of you may have heard about a cat hoarding situation. In response, Ninth Life Cat Rescue, along with several other rescue groups, rallied the forces and stepped in so save these precious lives. It is estimated there were more than 70 cats living in a two bedroom apartment.

The amazing foster network and volunteers of Ninth Life came together to respond to this urgent situation in about 24 hours. We are so glad to have rescued 18 of the most gentle, desperate for love, and innocent souls. We want our supporters to be able to have a glimpse into a day of rescue. It can be so heartbreaking, and yet, so rewarding. This is why we created this short video to help you understand what a day like this is like. Emotional, teary, and moving. We don’t want to focus on where they came from as it not our place to make judgements, but we prefer to focus on the bright future we hope they will have in our care.

Of these cats, many are: polydactyl, have significant dental issues, severe stomatitis, upper respiratory infection, most are not spayed or neutered, 4 young females are currently pregnant, one has some major leg deformities, 1 has either a major eye infection or she is blind (she is also pregnant), dehydrated, 1 poor boy was very matted and needed a full shave, plus a whole host of other health issues. They were treated for fleas, ear mites and dewormed. We are so grateful to one of our partner vets and her team who stayed from the afternoon late into the evening to help with intake by getting them assessed, sorted, bathed and nail trimmed as needed, and give them much needed medications and vaccines to those who were healthy enough.

The vet costs associated with treating all of the above is yet to be determined, but their adoption fee will not come close to covering it all. I know we ask so often for financial support, but if you can donate financially, even a few dollars, every little bit helps.

The 19th was a little white kitten found outside and alone.

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3 Comments on "The Day We Rescued 19 Cats"

  • Elizabeth Zomer says

    God bless you all and the work you do. I know it is early days, but I am very interested in adopting one of these cats. My interest is in a polydactyl. I sadly said goodbye to my darling sweet Boosa who was a poly all four paws, just six weeks ago. If there’s an extra-toed kitty who need a loving home, won’t you please get in touch? I’m sharing your story on all my social media In hopes of generating lots of donations. Again, you’re doing amazing work and you’re truly friends of the animals.

    • Danielle says

      Thank you for the kind words 🙂
      All of these kitties are still in foster care, but if you follow our adopt page, we have lots of loving cats already waiting. And these cats’ profiles will slowly come online as they become ready for adoption!

    • Linda says

      one of my fosters is a polydactyl…but she’s bonded with the other one. Max & Monkey <3

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