My lovable boys!

Not a day goes by where I don’t talk about our two lovable boys, Bob and Frank (previously known as Duke and Fate) who we adopted last year from Ninth Life Cat Rescue. I was originally looking to adopt one cat only as we had said goodbye to our cat Charles a few months before. I was really interested in Duke who was available for adoption at the Burlington-Brant Pet Smart but was told that he would need his new friend Fate (now Frank) to come along. When I visited them it was an easy decision as I wanted Duke (now Bob) to have an easy life compared to before. Both of them came from very difficult lives previously, but I am so proud of how quickly they settled in – and have taken over the house. Bob love to plop down for belly rubs and purrs constantly and Frank is like teenager – always looking for something to get into and is very frisky. They are always together and also take over my bed too. Basically, everything we do is for them, but that is what cat’s do. They’ve also taken over our hearts and we love them both so much! Thank you Ninth Life for letting us love them! We can’t imagine our life without them now. xo

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