My partner and I adopted Max in March 2017 from the PetSmart Oakville location. Max is an all black cat who was estimated at 4 years old (we’ve since celebrated his birthday!). Max is sweet, playful, curious, shy and energetic.

Max quickly settled into his new home and has brought such joy to our lives. He is my best friend, following me around everywhere I go, cuddling lots and of course doing that weird kneading thing cats do. Max also loves to explore every nook in our home even opening cupboards on his own. Max loves playing with toys and especially likes the crinkle balls. He is so much fun, very entertaining and always there for you when you need a cuddle.

Max was missing most of his teeth when we adopted him due to having feline stomatitis. A few months after Max’s adoption, his vet discovered that there was more inflammation in his gums. The vet recommended removal of the rest of his teeth which we did. Max has since been recovering well. Although he continues to receive monthly check-ups, the inflammation continues to decrease and we hope will be gone soon.

Thank you to all those who took care of Max before we could. Also a big thank you to Ninth Life Cat Rescue for introducing us to Max and allowing us to adopt him. Our lives are all better for it.

Max Max 4 small Max 3 small Max 2 small Max 1 small

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