Marbo aka. Babu (formerly Marbles)

Marbo aka. Babu (formerly Marbles)

Three months have gone by since we adopted Marbles from his long stay at Petsmart Burlington. He now goes by the manly name of Marbo, and the equally manly name of Babu by my boyfriend…
Marbo is such a wonderful, handsome boy! It started out with a little hissing and a bit of swatting as he got adjusted to his new home and learned to trust us but once he was comfortable he totally took over the place! He’s ridiculously playful, LOVES scratching anything cardboard, and is crazy proud of his shoelaces he stole. Between snuggles and chin scratches, and wrestling (boy does he love wrestling), he’s become such a lovable guy. My boyfriend and I are so lucky to have been able to give our Babubabu a loving home after his rough start!!

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