Volunteers at the adoption centres regularly develop favourites among the cats. Often the cats they are drawn to are the ones who need extra loving and support .

Kittens are mostly, but not always, super friendly but many adult cats have gone through trauma whether from being left homeless after an owner passes away or goes into a retirement home, or have lived a semi-feral life outdoors. Then they are vetted and transported to an adoption centre: more upset.

Here is Lilith’s story so far, as told by Patti.

Lilith. Tiny but mighty, this sleek petite panther is a very special girl. Only two years old, Lilith was found with her babies in an abandoned house. Learning to trust humans was not easy, especially when she had little ones to protect. Her foster dad thought she would have to be returned to the outdoors after she healed from her spay. The vet “tipped” her ear so people would know she had been fixed and would not become pregnant again.

However this was one smart little cookie! As Lilith recovered from her spay, she decided to quietly tell her foster dad that she was ready to accept human companionship. She fully realized that life was so much better indoors where she could be treated kindly and would no longer have to worry about going hungry. So this tiny panther slowly inched her way over to this human and tentatively rubbed against him as gently as a soft summer breeze.

Arriving at the adoption centre, Lilith became overwhelmed by the numbers of people and sounds. The fierce jaguar side of her had to protect her from these possible dangers. She growled and hissed and rejected the volunteers’ offers to give love. She stayed in her cage and guarded her domain. Sadly the volunteers thought that she had to go back to her foster dad for more socializing.

Once again this intelligent little creature understood what was being discussed and decided to take over her own fate. She slowly started rubbing on her cage, then padded over to the volunteers where she surprised them by demanding strokes and pets. Lilith even knew how to head butt their hands to ask for more (pats and treats).

Lilith is intelligent, independent, and somewhat shy to start. She does not like to be picked up and it will take her a little while to adjust to a new environment. However once you gain her trust, she is a sweetheart.

Lilith’s ideal person would be someone who understands cats and is patient. She would blossom in a quiet home and may enjoy the company of another cat. No children or dogs. Come and visit Lilith at Oakville PetSmart.

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