Kitten Season Has Hit Hard

Kitten Season Has Hit Hard

Where do they keep coming from? They are dumped. They are found in the garbage, they are found in a ravine and under decks, they are dropped off at animal services. A lot are sick and need meds. Some are too small to eat on their own and need bottle feeding. As the weather is warming up, it will become even more dangerous for them to be out there on their own. Tiny kittens can become dehydrated very quickly and will die very quickly. 

We are trying our best to help them all. But we need FOSTERS!
Our foster homes are at full capacity.

Can you help?
All you need is a spare room separate from your own animals (bedroom, bathroom, laundry room). We provide all vetting.

Now that the summer is here, this is a great opportunity for students. Not only can they get volunteer hours, they can learn the responsibility of caring for cats & kittens (under parental supervision, of course!).

Please help us to help them. 

If you can help, please fill out a foster application today:

2 Comments on "Kitten Season Has Hit Hard"

  • Tina says

    We just lost a kitten/cat 11 months. I would like to adopt a young kitty. I am newly retired and can offer lots of attention a d love.

    • Grace Robertson says

      I am sorry to hear you lost your cat. We have so many young and slightly older kittens available, and young cats too, at all locations. Please drop by in person and say hello.

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