Indoor Kitty

Indoor Kitty

Ninth Life Cat Rescue insists that all cats adopted from us be kept as indoor pets. It offers the best chance for a long, healthy life for your pet. Additionally, many cities such as Mississauga and Oakville now have by-laws stating that cats cannot run loose outdoors.

Keep your cat(s) safe from communicable diseases, suffering injury from dogs or other predators such as coyotes, injuries from cat fights, avoid problems with neighbours, and your cat getting lost or possibly hit by a car.

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Some of the cats and kittens we offer for adoption have always been indoors and know nothing different. Others might have been living outdoors short or long term. Once you get them home, they may or may not want to get outside again. Here is some information to help with transitioning your pet to staying indoors.

Training Your Cat to Not Meow to Go Outside

Some people have successfully trained their cats to walk on a leash outside. Never use the harness and leash to tie your cat outside. You must stay with kitty at all times. 2019 Cat Life Today review of cat harnesses.

Walking Your Cat

Another option to allow kitty some outdoor time is an outdoor catio of some kind. There are many types available and/or plans for do-it-yourself versions.

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