Meet Harrison. Harrison is only 10 weeks old.
Harrison needs your help.

Harrison has been a trooper through all of this and has made other kitty friends in his foster home. His foster mom has given him the best care possible so far and will continue to do so after his surgery. He has a long journey ahead of him and he will need lots of TLC as he recovers.

Harrison was found alone in a ditch, emaciated and near death. Rushed to a vet, they thought he was only a few weeks old due to his low weight and skeletal frame. Harrison was a very sick little kitten. He had calicivirus, suspected URI and had a hard time eating because his mouth was packed with ulcers. After his initial vet visit, he was moved to a foster home, where after lots of TLC, good nutrition and his medications, he was finally on the mend. Except for his mouth. He had no top lip and his gums were showing. After investigating his noisy breathing and sneezing, foster mom noticed one nostril was the size of a pinhole. It was discovered that Harrison had a fistula, which is a hole that goes up through the top gum and straight into the back of the nostril. Fistulas can be caused by injury, but they can also result from an infection or inflammation. It is very painful, causes a lot of discomfort and can be life threatening. Harrison is going to need at least two or three surgeries to correct this. The surgery can be quite intense and the recovery will be long.

This is where we need your help. Harrison’s surgeries and recovery will cost thousands of dollars. While we aren’t sure of the exact amount yet, as we aren’t sure how many surgeries he will need, we hope that you can contribute to his care. No amount is ever too small and we appreciate any and all donations.

DONATE: select “Harrison” from the drop down OR electronic transfer to info@ninthlifecatrescue.org (password-ninthlife)

On behalf of Harrison and Ninth Life Cat Rescue, we thank you for your continued support.

UPDATE September 15. Little Harrison had his first surgery on Friday. The vet discovered that his issue was more severe than originally anticipated and he will definitely need more surgery. He will be making another visit to the vet this week for a follow up.

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