Harley and Ninja

Harley and Ninja are the BEST kitties anyone could ever ask for! I have had them for a 8 days now. In just a week I have seen these already adorable and affectionate cats go from shy and apprehensive to both sleeping with us on the bed at night and giving us unlimited purrs and rubs. For the first few days they would hide in their “safe” places but always come out when called to. I think they were overwhelmed with the big house, new sounds and all the space they has to explore! They are so playful, loving and especially patient and chill with my 3 years old daughter. At bedtime they both visit my husband and I in bed; Ninja usually stays the night. They have the cutest high pitched little squeaky mews! They are so happy, constantly telling me how grateful they are of their new forever home. We have renamed Harley “Murry”, as in Purry Murry because when he gets purring it is as loud as a lawn mower!! (Also referred to as Murr the Purr). Ninja is technically renamed “Little Vader” (we love Star Wars) but we still call him Ninja because, well, he is a ninja – quiet and stealthy! Ninja likes to hang out in the bathroom sink, Murry has a 4am habit of waking me with super headbutts, loud purrs and drool….what else is there to say? Thank you Ninth Life and the person who fostered these two “velveteen dreams”… they are truly 2 wonderful animals with beautiful personalities and not a mean home in their bodies!

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