Evie’s Story – Donate Now


A letter to Evie from her rescuer. 


Dearest sweet Evie,


I wish I had a way to take away all of your hurt and pain. If I could have found you sooner, please know that I would. You did not deserve to lead such a difficult. I’m sorry for everything you have gone through. I’m sorry that people failed you over and over again. I’m sorry for every time that you felt scared and alone. 


Evie, I know you are confused and scared still, but I made you a promise. I promised you that we would take of you and that you would always be loved. You now have a community behind you. You’re a Ninth Life Cat for life, little girl. We will make sure you get absolutely everything you need and more. ❤️


Evie was posted on a local Pet Rehoming page. She is 3 years old and the person who posted said that they were not able to take care of her medical needs. One of our volunteers saw the ad and after finding an amazing foster home available, contact was made to bring Evie into our care. We knew that Evie had entropion, a congenital issue affecting her third eyelid that requires surgical correction.



Unfortunately, the person who surrendered Evie did not tell us the full story. Evie had also been suffering from a bad infection for over a month. Shortly after coming into our care, her foster mom found a puddle of blood on the floor and Evie was rushed to one of our vets. She was then diagnosed with pyometra (an infection of the uterus) and was put on an IV to await surgery. Evie had an emergency spay the next morning and is thankfully recovering well.



Right now, she is back in the care of her loving foster parents. She will have to wait until she she is fully healed from her emergency spay to have a second surgery to correct the entropion.
We really do our best to be non-judgmental and understanding. It’s a hard world to live in and everyone has their own battles they are fighting. Lots of people are struggling financially. If we had known about the infection, we would have insured Evie saw a vet right away and it may not have been an emergency. Thankfully Evie’s condition was discovered in time, but sadly that’s not always the case.



We move on and we move forward though. We keep rescuing. We keep trying to educate. We keep sharing stories. Each cat, each precious little soul deserves our very best.
We can’t do it alone and that’s where we humbly ask for your help. If you are in the position to make a donation towards Evie’s care, we would be extremely grateful.
Donations can be made by sending an e-transfer to info@ninthlifecatrescue.org or through our website using this link



If you are not in a position to help financially, that’s okay! There are always other ways you can help. Volunteer, Foster and Share! Even sharing this post can make a huge difference as it helps spread awareness.



On behalf of Evie and our rescue, we graciously thank you for reading and supporting our cause ❤️