Consider the possibilities

Looking ahead is sometimes necessary

Congratulations, you have decided to adopt a rescue cat! You want to help save a life and give a rescue cat a deserving home.

You walk into the adoption center and then what happens? Like most people, your eye will be drawn to the kittens bouncing around or the unique long haired white cat with the sparkling green eyes. Or maybe it is the energetic one year old orange tabby. The younger or more interesting always catch everyone’s eye first. This is natural.

However, what about the others?

Did you notice the timid brown tabby cowering in litter box or the large black male who looks like he has escaped from a war zone? Did you ask the volunteers about the senior grey female who was hugging the floorboards, as if to try and disappear?

You probably didn’t, as these cats have tried their best to go unnoticed. They are shy or scared. Besides… you wanted a friendly lap cat, right?


Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

What if you were to consider the possibilities? What if you took a moment to let that timid tabby sniff your hand? Maybe you would be surprised to feel how she head butted your hand to ask for more petting and love. How she started to purr when you spoke softly to her.

And what if you asked the volunteer to tell you about the big black male who you find out is a gentle soul who longs to be loved and played with? Or you discovered the senior grey female is frightened because she had been left outside when her family moved away and she needs a little time to develop trust again.

Adoption centres are often stressful places for many cats, so their true nature does not always shine through. So what if you took the time to consider those who are often overlooked; the scared, the ragged looking or the older cats? Ask the volunteers about them and spend a little time getting to see who they are. You might just realize that they have a lot to offer and perhaps you would find your perfect match.


The less than perfect just want you to consider the possibilities and to see them!

Author: Patti Altridge