Cats and The Holidays: What You Need to Know

Cats and The Holidays:
What You Need to Know

The holidays are fast approaching – decorations are going up, treats are being baked and gifts are being bought. In all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget that some of this holiday cheer can actually be hazardous to our furry friends.

If you’ve got a kitten or cat at home, or are considering making an adoption this holiday season, don’t fret! We’ve listed everything you need to know about your cat and the holidays.

#1. Your Christmas tree could become a jungle gym

If you’ve had cats before, you’ve probably seen their heads poking out of your Christmas tree at least once. While it might be a very cute and “photo-worthy” moment, remember that it’s all fun and games until your tree tips and knocks over your favourite heirloom.

#2. Beware of tinsel

Tinsel is attractive to cats and, ingested, it can create havoc in their stomach, or they could choke on it. We suggest avoiding tinsel all together when decorating.

Bonus tip: Cats are also known to chew pine needles – so if you’ve got a cat who can turn anything into a snack or toy, a fake tree might be the best way to go.

#3. Research before buying holiday plants

In many homes, holiday plants are a staple item when it comes to decorating. But did you know that many holiday plants – poinsettias, for example—are toxic to cats? Before buying your plants this year, make sure you do your research.

#4. Cats are not a “surprise” gift

While we love to see our cats being adopted, they are not a gift you should surprise your loved ones with. There are a few different reasons for this:

. . . Holidays are a hectic time, people are stressed and there is just so much happening at once. In the overall confusion and with guests coming and going, it is all too easy for your new kitty to streak out the door unnoticed.

. . . Cats take time to settle into a new home. The hustle and bustle of the holidays could cause your new friend to become ill from all the stress. It’s best to adopt when the cat can have some quiet time to adjust

. . . As cute as a cat or kitten may be, every member of the family really should spend some time with it prior to adopting, to ensure the animal is a good fit for your home

If you want to adopt for the holidays, do it early, or preferably, after the holidays when life is calm again.

The holidays are busy. It can be easy to get carried away, but it’s important to remember your cat’s safety, even through all the excitement.

Happy Holidays from the Ninth Life team!

Written by: Grace Robertson and Shelby Andrews
Original photo by Jo Anne Estacion
–Ninth Life Cat Rescue Volunteers
Rescue kitten pictured: Wednesday

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