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Can Cats go Vegan?

Can Cats go Vegan?

This is a question we have occasionally been asked. Here are links to articles from PetPlace which might help with your decision.

Can Cats Be Vegan?

Is Vegan Food Safe for Your Pet?

The Ultimate Guide to What Cats Cannot Eat

The Science Behind Feline Finickiness, and What To Do About It

And from Pet MD:

Can Cats Live on a Vegan Diet? (full article)

Cats, as a species, are obligate carnivores. In very simple terms, this means that cats require meat in their diet. They have specific nutrient needs that can only be supplied through the ingestion of animal meat.

Do Cats Get Lonely?

Do Cats Get Lonely?

Those with a single cat often wonder if their single cat is lonely. And, if we get another cat, what should we first consider? Or, are you trying to decide if you should adopt two cats instead of one?

This article from Modern Cat , by Pam Johnson-Bennett, is short but has good points to consider.

Happy 2020

Happy 2020

As 2019 comes to an end, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us this year – our adopters, donors, supporters and volunteers.

We can’t do what we do without your help.

This has been a very busy year for us and we have had some very challenging rescues, including numerous hoarding situations, pregnant cats, orphaned litters and surrenders, to name just a few. Many of these cats required multiple surgeries, medications and follow up vet visits, the costs of which far exceeded the adoption fees.

The Holiday season is coming to an end, but you still have until December 31st to make a donation that is eligible for a 2019 tax receipt.

Please consider us in your year-end giving. Every dollar helps!

Make a donation through Canada Helps

Thank you and Happy New Year from all of us at Ninth Life Cat Rescue.

Winter Monthly Meow

Winter Monthly Meow

Our Monthly Meow is out. LB, Bailey, all the other Ninth Life cats, and volunteers, wish you a healthy and happy holiday. Best wishes for a bright 2020!



“Just try to be on your best behaviour tonight, okay? Someone is coming in to see you and you might find your forever home.” The volunteer’s voice is coaxing and hopeful that this might work. However Spicy eyes the volunteer with her intelligent gaze as if to say, “I will be the judge of that” and then promptly jumps out of her condo and takes off to the top of the cages to scrutinize the other lowly cats at adoption centre. The volunteer lets out a sigh knowing that Spicy will be Spicy and she alone will decide who is worthy. “

Adopted FRIDAY the 13th

I sat atop a tree house peering down at my subjects below and all the other cats knew not to bother me or play with me. That’s how I wanted it. Being put in my cage at night was very restrictive and the nights were long. I’ve always thought no one would want me because of my ‘spicy’ disposition but there is always that one person who you are meant to be with. It’s not that I don’t like humans; I just don’t like a lot of them at the same time. I am meant to be adored, loved, and an only pet.

I waited a long time for the right owner to come along and when she did, it was love at first sight, I couldn’t wait to see what my home would be like.

She took me home and stayed with me all weekend. We got to know one another. She gave me space and let me go to her when I needed someone. I adjusted very quickly and love my new family.

It has only been two months and I feel like a princess. I have everything a cat could want but, most of all, I have my mom. She feeds me the best food and I get to sleep with her every night. She is always giving me kisses. It’s okay, I guess, and sometimes I really like it. She trains me like I’m a dog (sigh). I must pick up my toys each night and put them under my tree but I always get a nice treat.

Watching Mom

It makes me happy when she’s home all day and not at work but I’ve adjusted to our schedule very well and don’t give her any grief. I like to be in the same room with her and watch what she’s doing.

As you can see, I’ve flourished and grown in just a few months. We are a perfect match and we plan to be together for a long time.

Home at last

Submitted by Spicy’s mom.