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New Events Calendar

New Events Calendar

We have added an Events Calendar to our website. Click on the “News” heading and you will see the link.

Here are some upcoming events to check out:

Coming up, we are hosting a Culinary Cuisine With Chef Kim of Pier 87 Info & Tickets

Saturday, August 3rd, we will be joining other rescues at Party 4 Paws in Toronto. Check the Events calendar for the latest.

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BREE UPDATE July 8, 2019!

Bree is settling nicely in her foster home. She no longer has her gauze muzzle, but still has her jaw wired. The wire is expected to be removed in a month. She is healing well, but slowly. Bree still can’t eat kibble and is quite picky about her wet food. She is very thin and really needs to gain weight. Bree is eating kitten food for the extra calories.

Bree has been the absolute best mom to her babies, especially given everything she has been through. She still nurses them but is also enjoying more and more time away from them. She likes her quiet time watching the birds.

Bree’s babies are growing like cute little weeds. Just look at those faces! They are all litter trained and eating well on their own. They are also eating kitten food. And lots of it!

We would be very grateful for donations of kitten wet and dry food, not only for Bree and her babies, but for the MANY kittens we currently have in foster.

Donations can be dropped off at any of our adoption centres:
PetSmart Burlington (1200 Brant St.)
PetSmart Etobicoke (158 N. Queen St.)
PetSmart Oakville (2501 Hyde Park Gate)

Or contact us to arrange pick up:, (905) 301-3532

Financial donations for food are also gladly accepted:

On behalf of Bree and all the kittens in our care, THANK YOU for your generosity!

*Bree’s kittens will not be ready for adoption until they are at least 8-10 weeks old.

If you are not aware of Bree’s full story, here is the background:

From June 20 … Bree’s surgery went very well. Bree has a wire going up through her chin that wraps around her canine teeth to hold her jaw in place while it heals. To keep her jaw from popping out and dislocating again, she has a gauze muzzle that ties behind her head in a big bow. She is able to eat watered down kitten food on her own. The kittens are doing fantastic and Bree is taking great care of them. They are starting to eat kitten food on their own now too!

Bree and her babies will be heading to their foster home soon to recover and grow until they are ready for adoption!

Once again, thank you to all of our amazing supporters for your donations and kind words. ❤️❤️

From June 18 … Bree is having surgery on her jaw today. She is doing as well as can be expected and is still a great mom to her babies.

Thank you to all who have donated to her surgery so far and for all the well wishes! We don’t have a final cost yet of her surgery/care as there are still many variables, but donations are still greatly appreciated either through Canada Helps or EMT.

From June 14 … On the morning of June 14th, Ninth Life received an urgent call from Hamilton Animal Services regarding a nursing mom and her 4 young kittens that had just been brought in.

It was immediately evident that the mom was injured and in significant pain. Her jaw had either been broken, or severely dislocated. The extent of the injury was so severe, that she could not even close her mouth.

Based on the injury, it appears that she had recently suffered blunt force trauma to her face, possibly from an accident or abuse.

Being an amazing mom to her kittens, she is still nursing and trying her best to care for and groom them. Given her strength and resilience, we have named her Bree (which means strength).

Unfortunately, she is even struggling to eat, and is now being fed diluted wet food (the only food she can currently take in, given her injury).

Despite this being our busiest time of the year, and Ninth Life already being over capacity, we simply couldn’t say no to this ailing yet devoted mom and her kittens. So, we rushed down to HAS and took her immediately to one of our vets. She is currently getting x-rays, and will likely need surgery to repair the damage to her jaw. This is her only chance at recovery, and survival.

You can only imagine the costs Ninth Life will incur, as part of caring for this mom and her kittens. If you are able to donate something, anything, towards her care, mom and her babies will be forever grateful.

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Kitten Jamboree (updated)

Kitten Jamboree (updated)

We expect to have over 20 kittens available for adoption

The cost of adoption is $195.00 CASH per kitten. The kitten will be up to date with age appropriate immunization and microchipped. The cost of spaying/neutering the kitten at one of our vets, around five months of age, is also included. The new owner is responsible for subsequent age appropriate immunization. Your kitten must go home in a carrier. Unless there is another dog or cat in your home, kittens under six months of age must be adopted in pairs.

We will have applications available at the store but here is a copy, should you wish to complete it ahead of time:

Pet Vaccines: Schedules for Cats & Dogs

The BAKE SALE features treats made by Chef Kim Masko from Pier 87.

The RAFFLE basket has been donated by Kiki Designs & Co. Please support our Rescue by purchasing a raffle ticket. Good luck!

We will have a decorated PHOTO BOOTH so you can have your picture taken with your pet, or take your own photo using our booth.

RABIES VACCINATION & MICROCHIP CLINIC. This will be hosted by Dr. Padma Mullick of Rivergrove Animal Hospital. It will run from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. The cost is $25.00 for a rabies vaccination and $10.00 for a microchip. Open to both dogs and cats.

RABIES: All cats, dogs and ferrets over 3 months of age must be vaccinated or have a Statement of Exemption from a veterinarian. Rabies, once contracted, is 100% fatal with no treatment available so prevention is key. After the first vaccination around 12-16 weeks of age, the pet requires a booster one year later, and then immunization every three years thereafter.

MICROCHIP: A microchip lasts a lifetime and proves permanent identification and proof of ownership. Cats with microchips are 20 times more likely to be returned to their owner if lost.

Oakville PetSmart
2501 Hyde Park Gate
Oakville, ON L6H6G6
(905) 829-9999

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Kitten Season Has Hit Hard

Kitten Season Has Hit Hard

Where do they keep coming from? They are dumped. They are found in the garbage, they are found in a ravine and under decks, they are dropped off at animal services. A lot are sick and need meds. Some are too small to eat on their own and need bottle feeding. As the weather is warming up, it will become even more dangerous for them to be out there on their own. Tiny kittens can become dehydrated very quickly and will die very quickly. 

We are trying our best to help them all. But we need FOSTERS!
Our foster homes are at full capacity.

Can you help?
All you need is a spare room separate from your own animals (bedroom, bathroom, laundry room). We provide all vetting.

Now that the summer is here, this is a great opportunity for students. Not only can they get volunteer hours, they can learn the responsibility of caring for cats & kittens (under parental supervision, of course!).

Please help us to help them. 

If you can help, please fill out a foster application today:

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Volunteers at the adoption centres regularly develop favourites among the cats. Often the cats they are drawn to are the ones who need extra loving and support .

Kittens are mostly, but not always, super friendly but many adult cats have gone through trauma whether from being left homeless after an owner passes away or goes into a retirement home, or have lived a semi-feral life outdoors. Then they are vetted and transported to an adoption centre: more upset.

Here is Lilith’s story so far, as told by Patti.

Lilith. Tiny but mighty, this sleek petite panther is a very special girl. Only two years old, Lilith was found with her babies in an abandoned house. Learning to trust humans was not easy, especially when she had little ones to protect. Her foster dad thought she would have to be returned to the outdoors after she healed from her spay. The vet “tipped” her ear so people would know she had been fixed and would not become pregnant again.

However this was one smart little cookie! As Lilith recovered from her spay, she decided to quietly tell her foster dad that she was ready to accept human companionship. She fully realized that life was so much better indoors where she could be treated kindly and would no longer have to worry about going hungry. So this tiny panther slowly inched her way over to this human and tentatively rubbed against him as gently as a soft summer breeze.

Arriving at the adoption centre, Lilith became overwhelmed by the numbers of people and sounds. The fierce jaguar side of her had to protect her from these possible dangers. She growled and hissed and rejected the volunteers’ offers to give love. She stayed in her cage and guarded her domain. Sadly the volunteers thought that she had to go back to her foster dad for more socializing.

Once again this intelligent little creature understood what was being discussed and decided to take over her own fate. She slowly started rubbing on her cage, then padded over to the volunteers where she surprised them by demanding strokes and pets. Lilith even knew how to head butt their hands to ask for more (pats and treats).

Lilith is intelligent, independent, and somewhat shy to start. She does not like to be picked up and it will take her a little while to adjust to a new environment. However once you gain her trust, she is a sweetheart.

Lilith’s ideal person would be someone who understands cats and is patient. She would blossom in a quiet home and may enjoy the company of another cat. No children or dogs. Come and visit Lilith at Oakville PetSmart.

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