Ninth Life Cat Rescue in Oakville PetSmart (Dundas & 403) has taken in a few rescue bunnies. Cadbury & Twix, Finkle, Mercedes and Pringle are at PetSmart.

To meet Rory, who is in foster care, please contact us to arrange an appointment or drop by Oakville PetSmart and fill out an application.

Bunnies are $50 each and are not neutered, except for Rory.

CADBURY & TWIX are 7 month old females. These two are bonded and must be adopted together. Their former owner had too many bunnies but this pair is good with older children, dogs and cats.

FINKLE is a one year old male lionhead who would do well in most homes. He loves hanging out with dogs, cats and children and is easy to handle.

MERCEDES is an independent girl, but easily handled. She would be on her own or would likely adjust to another female bunny. She was raised with children, dogs and cats.

PRINGLE is a one year old male lionhead. He is very easy going and is easily handled. He grew up with older kids, dogs and cats, and other bunnies. He should easily bond to another male rabbit.

Unfortunately Rory has a few special needs and will need an adopter who is experienced with rabbit care. Rory has no bottom incisors (front teeth) so it is very hard for him to eat hay, which is a main part of a rabbit’s diet. He will need someone who will be able to monitor his feed intake and possibly use some bunny supplements to make sure he is getting enough nutrients. As a result of having no bottom teeth, Rory’s top teeth continue to grow, which means every month he needs to go to the vet to get his teeth trimmed, otherwise they will cause him lots of discomfort and pain.

The best case would be to remove the top incisors altogether in the future. Even with Rory’s imperfect teeth, he is absolutely the happiest bunny out there. He loves making friends including his foster’s resident bunny and dog, and he absolutely loves attention!

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