Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting a cat from Ninth Life Cat Rescue, please complete the form below. Contact information and all fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Please note that there are some things to know regarding this application:

      • Adoption applications may be reviewed by several volunteers including the adoption center coordinator, the foster parents that cared for the cat before it was ready for adoption, and other volunteers who help with the process.
      • Remember that we are entirely volunteer run, and sometimes it can take a few days for us to respond to all requests depending on the volume and other urgent matters we may be attending to within the rescue.
      • Adoption applications are received from multiple sources including this website as well as in store.
      • You can help us speed up the process by filling out the application as completely as possible.
      • The welfare of the CAT or KITTEN is our top priority. Making sure our fur babies go to forever homes that are the best match for their personality is the most important factor in deciding to approve an adoption. Applications are not first come first served.
      • If we do not approve your application for a specific cat, we may be able to help you find one that better suits your family/situation.
      • Adoption fee starts from $250.
      • Adoption fee includes all age appropriate vaccines at the time of the adoption and spay/neuter if of age. Arrangements need to made for juvenile cats to be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age at one of our vets for the surgery to be covered. All future vet bills and vaccinations are the responsibility and at the expense of the adopter. 
      • We perform vet checks and disclose any information revealed during an exam or the surrendering of a cat. However, some illnesses cannot be tested for and may present themselves after the adoption due to incubation periods potentially lasting several days to a few weeks.
      • We make every effort to gather background information about a cat, and disclose what is known. Due to this however, the temperament of our cats cannot be assured and may be a product of the environment in which it is situated.

All kittens under six months of age MUST be adopted with another kitten their age, or go to a home with another young cat friendly cat.