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Introducing JENNY & CHLOE

JENNY & CHLOE | F/S | 8 mos. | Gentle | Playful | Sweet | Bonded – must be adopted together

Look – a double dose of ginger kitten cuteness! Jenny and Chloe are the sweetest eight month old sisters, who are both very playful, affectionate, and curious. Jenny will often come up beside you on the couch for cuddles and scritches and will purr immediately. She loves to play under blankets, with mice toys, and laser pointers. Jenny enjoys venturing into new places, like the closet, and will sit on your lap at various times throughout the day. While she doesn’t like to be picked up, she makes up for that with cuddles. She will join you to get ready in the morning for work and at dinner time. Jenny has a tiny kink at the very end of her tail, which gives it an adorable little curl. Chloe loves to be picked up for a time and, like her sister, will purr instantly. With her curiosity she will often be found looking at lights bouncing off walls from metal surfaces such as the dishwasher door, and will join you in the kitchen as you prepare meals. Chloe will let you know when she wants attention and scritches with her confident meows throughout the day. Chloe’s foster family calls her a “playful hunter,” since she loves to catch things and is very quick! She loves to play with toys that are associated with prey and catching, like laser pointers and string toys. Chloe will also join you on the couch for cuddles and scritches, but not as much as her sister. Both of these girls are very sweet and gentle. We’re not sure how they are with other cats, dogs, or children, but with their gentle dispositions, they should be fine with proper introductions.

Jenny & Chloe came to us after being rescued from a house with too many cats. They’ve never been apart and have learned to depend on each other. They must be adopted together.

Between the two of them they cover the entire spectrum of wonderful kitten traits, and seeing them comfort each other or taking turns chasing after a toy reveals the loving bond that they have. They would love a permanent home with many opportunities to play, explore, and with high perches to look around.

If you would like to meet Jenny & Chloe, please fill out an online application:

Introducing YUNI & KICINTA

You know who else has been waiting for their forever homes for months now? Our bunnies – Yuni & Kicinta! Wait, you didn’t know we had bunnies? Well, not usually, but these two are an exception. They desperately needed a home, so we took them in. They were residing at our Oakville adoption centre before they had to be removed due to Covid and they’ve been in foster ever since.

Yuni & Kicinta are Holland Lops and are about 1 ½ yrs old. These adorable sisters are the best of friends and absolutely love each other. They have the softest fur you’ll ever feel and look at those ears! They don’t mind if you pet them, they just aren’t big fans of being picked up. They might be a bit shy when you first meet them, but they really are sweet girls, once they get to know you. Sounds just like cats, right? Yuni & Kicinta would be best with mature children over the age of 10 only. Their new home should be dog free as well.

Yuni & Kicinta would love to find their new forever home together soon! They’ve been waiting patiently for so long now. If you would like to meet them, please fill out our bunny application today:

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