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Introducing GIGI

GIGI | Male | 2 yrs. | Playful | Cuddly | Older children only

Handsome and sweet, this two year old boy is Gigi! Gigi’s foster mom says he just loves attention. Gigi doesn’t like it when you leave the room because he like to sit with you and cuddle on your lap. He has his own room at his foster home, but foster mom thinks that he would definitely like to sleep with you! Gigi loves his cat nip toys and he loves being brushed. We’re not sure how he is with other pets, but with a proper introduction, he should be fine. Gigi can nip sometimes when he gets over stimulated, so it’s probably best he’s in a home with older children only.

Through no fault of his own, Gigi was surrendered by his owner, who could no longer care for him.

Gigi would love to find his forever home as soon as he can! He’s looking for a permanent lap to cuddle on. Is that with you?

If you would like to meet Gigi, please fill out an online application: and we can arrange a meeting.

Introducing PAPRIKA

This gorgeous, long haired calico is Paprika! Paprika is approximately six years old and is loving life in her foster home.

She’s a petite girl, with a big personality. Paprika loves her wet food and being petted on her head. For some reason, she does not like her back touched, but will give headbutts for attention. Paprika is a chatty girl with a very loud purr! She does not appear to like other cats and was not happy with anyone being too close to her for more than a few minutes at a time while in the adoption centre. But, being with her current foster, she is proving to be lovable and sweet, as is often the case with cats in the adoption centre who don’t like other cats. In her foster home, her favourite hangout is lounging on the couch and she sleeps on her foster mom’s bed every night!

If you would like to meet Paprika, please fill out an online application: and when it’s safe to do so, we can arrange a meeting.

Introducing EDEN and EMORY

This adorable pair of one year old sisters is Emory & Eden!

EMORY is an affectionate little purse panther who loves to rub on people’s legs to let them know she would like some attention. After being allowed to sniff your hand, she welcomes pets and scratches as well! Her favourite places to be scratched are the sides of her face and her chin.

Emory LOVES toys! She can play all by herself, or with her sister, or with her humans. She loves wand toys the most! She will even play fetch sometimes if you are patient with her! She will pick a spot to “hide” all of her favourite toys from her sister. When she feels comfortable, (or when it is clearly PAST dinner time) Emory loves to chat. She has a tiny little mew that is just so precious, yet so demanding at the same time.

She will jump up next to her human to snuggle as soon as she trusts that she will not be picked up without her permission. She loves to snuggle and she and Eden are often found in an adorable cuddle puddle atop a comfy couch or blanket. Emory will allow you to pick her up only after she gets to know you and begins to trust you more deeply. She is good with other cats, and is usually fine with being a follower instead of a leader.

EDEN is a tiny but mighty little girl. She is shy until she gets to know you, but the wait and experience are so worth it. She tends to watch Emory first, and then join in when she feels safe. Eden LOVES food. All food. Any food. Though she is small, she has a BIG appetite! Eden knows when it is almost dinner time, and makes sure that the humans know it too! She even tries to convince one human that another human has not yet fed her, when she knows very well that she has just eaten her whole meal. Though Eden is a bit more shy than her sister, she still has a big personality. She likes to be the leader of all felines in the house. Eden prefers not to be picked up just yet, but may very well change in the near future. She certainly does like to be close to her humans and feline family members. Eden & Emory will do best in a quiet household with no dogs or children. These girls deserve to be the centre of attention and must be adopted together.

Emory & Eden were found as strays and rescued from animal services. Because these girls were feral until about six months old, they do still sometimes have a tendency to be frightened of new people and new places. They are learning to trust more and more quickly though, and will need a family that has the patience to let them get comfortable in their new home.

These two babes have been in foster for over six months, and have always been treated as part of the family. Now, they deserve their own forever family, who will love and cherish them always.

If you would like to meet Emory & Eden, please contact Ninth Life Cat Rescue at (905) 301-3532, email: or fill out an online application:

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