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Introducing SERGIO

SERGIO | Male | 1-2 yrs. | Playful | Chatty | Snuggly | Good with other cats

Hi everyone! My name is Sergio, I’m a young boy full of energy! After all, I’m only 1-2 years old – practically still a kitten. I love to play with all the toys, my human or other cats! When I’m not playing, I lounge by any window and take in the sunshine coming through. I never let my human get too far from me because I like to keep close at all times. I’m a very chatty boy. I love to sing for my human and I love to talk back too. We have great conversations. At dinner time, I make sure my human never forgets to feed me. I love my food! After dinner, I get a big burst of energy and show off how fast I can run around the house! I think they call it the “zoomies”. Once I’m done, I’ll go nuzzle up to my human on the couch and give lots of head butts and settle in for a snuggle. I would best fit a home that has someone home often to play with me or has another cat friend to be my play mate. I’m not sure about dogs or kids, but I’m sure I’d like both of them.

I was found as a stray, outside all by myself. It was scary, so I’m very happy that I got to come inside.

Can I come to your house and play? We can have lots of fun together! And when we’re finishing playing, we can have dinner and nuzzle.

If you would like to meet me, please fill out an online application:

Introducing SCARLETT

SCARLETT | 2 yrs. | F/S | Playful | Curious | Lover of catnip | Best as only pet

Pssssst! Hey you! Ya you! Got any ‘nip? I need some ‘nip. You know, catnip! The good stuff. I go NUTS for catnip! Oh, but how rude of me. Let me introduce myself before we get down to business. My name is Scarlett. I’m two years old. And I love catnip. I think I may have a ‘nip problem. You should see me destroy a catnip toy! You better get me the heavy duty ones, because those little flimsy ones don’t stand a chance. Don’t get me wrong – I love other toys too! I really love to play. Wand toys are great too – I’ve been known to do some damage to those as well, but it’s only because I play so hard. Oooh and lasers! They’re also a favourite. I’m also very curious. I’ll follow you around the house just to see what you’re up to and maybe to see where you’re hiding the ‘nip. I love hiding in bags and boxes too. I do this really cute thing too where I carry socks around the house and leave them at your door. You’re welcome! I’d love it if my new family will give me lots of attention and play time. Don’t worry if I’m a bit shy when we first meet. I’ll settle in quickly and we’ll soon be friends. I’m not a huge fan of being picked up and please don’t touch my belly. I really don’t like that. If I give you a little love bite, it’s only to let you know to stop, you know, since I can’t talk. But I do like it when you give me head scratches and chin rubs, when I’m ready for them. I think it’s best my home has older children only, who will get the hint when I don’t want to be touched. Do you have a nice big window? I really enjoy watching the world outside, when I’m not playing. Dogs? Never met one. I’ve been around other cats, but I think I’d rather just be on my own. I don’t want to share my toys with anyone.

I came to the rescue from a house that had a few too many cats and I was pregnant with my 4th litter! I was a great mommy, but man, I’m so glad I don’t have to have any more babies. Now I get to play just like a kitten again!

So, where did we leave off on the ‘nip situation? You’ve got lots? Perfect! Then I think we’ll be the best of friends!

Do you want to meet me? Then just fill out an online application: and the nice folks at the rescue will hook us up.

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