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Introducing MYSTIQUE

MYSTIQUE | 2 yrs. | Female | Good with cats | Loves pets | Older children

Did you know that tortoiseshell cats bring good luck? Whether fact or fiction, it’s been said that in certain parts of the world, a tortoiseshell cat may bring in money, scare away ghosts, cure ailments and bring blessings to your home! If you are intrigued by this, Mystique is an absolutely striking two year old tortie looking for her forever home.

Mystique is very affectionate and loves, loves, loves to be petted. She anxiously awaits at the front of her condo, waiting for the volunteers to open her door to pet her when they first arrive. She can’t get enough pets! Mystique is fine with being picked up and held. Mystique is getting quite comfortable sitting on laps and she likes to sleep on your bed. She would love to sit with you on your couch, getting all the pets.

Typical of many torties, Mystique is an independent girl who has lots of energy to burn. Mystique was busy raising her family so she didn’t have a lot of time to play, but she is having fun learning now! She can be shy at first in a strange place and loud noises tend to scare her, so she will need a bit of time and patience until she gets a chance to get to know you. She would be best with older children, as younger active children might scare her. Mystique gets along with the other cats and kittens in the adoption centre and should be fine with another calm, kitty friend.

Mystique was found alone on the street with her litter of kittens. She moved into a foster home, where she raised her babies until they were adopted and she recovered from her spay surgery. Now her kittens have all been adopted and it’s about time for Mystique to find her forever home!

Mystique will make a great addition to any home! Once she has the time to settle in and get to know you, she will love the chance to continue to learn all about toys. There are just so many different ones she needs to try!

If you would like to meet her, please stop by Burlington PetSmart on Brant St. or you can fill out an online application:

Introducing LAVENDER

LAVENDER | 1 yr. old | Snuggler | No dogs | Laid back cats

This adorable little girl is Lavender! A gorgeous tabby with beautiful eyes that say, “love me”, Lavender is approximately one year old. Lavender just loves to be loved. While she doesn’t like to be picked up and carried, she will snuggle all over you. You can give her pets and scratches all day long. Lavender also loves her treats and wet food. Certain foods don’t agree with her tummy, so she eats a readily available, store brand sensitive digestive wet food.

Lavender doesn’t like to be alone, so she’s looking for a family that will be home a lot and have lots of time to spend with her. You know, so she can get all the loving, all day long. She’s a bit shy when you first meet her, but give her time to get used to you and you’ll be best friends in no time. A home without dogs is probably best for her. Lavender might be ok with a laid back cat friend with lots of space and a slow introduction.

Lavender was abandoned and found alone pregnant. Once rescued and moved to a wonderful foster home, she gave birth to nine kittens! Sadly, one passed away at birth. She was a fantastic mom to the rest of her babies, and most of them have been adopted already.

Do you have the perfect home for Lavender? Can you and your family give her all the love and attention that she craves? Then it sounds like you need to meet Lavender!

You can meet her today at Burlington PetSmart on Brant St. or you can fill out an online application:

Introducing EDEN and EMORY

This adorable pair of one year old sisters is Emory & Eden!

EMORY is an affectionate little purse panther who loves to rub on people’s legs to let them know she would like some attention. After being allowed to sniff your hand, she welcomes pets and scratches as well! Her favourite places to be scratched are the sides of her face and her chin.

Emory LOVES toys! She can play all by herself, or with her sister, or with her humans. She loves wand toys the most! She will even play fetch sometimes if you are patient with her! She will pick a spot to “hide” all of her favourite toys from her sister. When she feels comfortable, (or when it is clearly PAST dinner time) Emory loves to chat. She has a tiny little mew that is just so precious, yet so demanding at the same time.

She will jump up next to her human to snuggle as soon as she trusts that she will not be picked up without her permission. She loves to snuggle and she and Eden are often found in an adorable cuddle puddle atop a comfy couch or blanket. Emory will allow you to pick her up only after she gets to know you and begins to trust you more deeply. She is good with other cats, and is usually fine with being a follower instead of a leader.

EDEN is a tiny but mighty little girl. She is shy until she gets to know you, but the wait and experience are so worth it. She tends to watch Emory first, and then join in when she feels safe. Eden LOVES food. All food. Any food. Though she is small, she has a BIG appetite! Eden knows when it is almost dinner time, and makes sure that the humans know it too! She even tries to convince one human that another human has not yet fed her, when she knows very well that she has just eaten her whole meal. Though Eden is a bit more shy than her sister, she still has a big personality. She likes to be the leader of all felines in the house. Eden prefers not to be picked up just yet, but may very well change in the near future. She certainly does like to be close to her humans and feline family members. Eden & Emory will do best in a quiet household with no dogs or children. These girls deserve to be the centre of attention and must be adopted together.

Emory & Eden were found as strays and rescued from animal services. Because these girls were feral until about six months old, they do still sometimes have a tendency to be frightened of new people and new places. They are learning to trust more and more quickly though, and will need a family that has the patience to let them get comfortable in their new home.

These two babes have been in foster for over six months, and have always been treated as part of the family. Now, they deserve their own forever family, who will love and cherish them always.

If you would like to meet Emory & Eden, please contact Ninth Life Cat Rescue at (905) 301-3532, email: or fill out an online application:

Introducing Rabbits: Thumper & ChiChi

My name is Thumper and this is my girlfriend ChiChi.
We are two year old Lionhead bunnies.

I am friendly, gentle natured, curious with a great zest for life! I paw at the volunteers pants when I want attention, and I have hopped inside the garbage can a few times! I like to rearrange my litter box when they put new litter in. I also paw at anything plastic like the dust pan, or tunnel and I just love tearing paper towels apart…an unattended roll is an invitation for fun I say! As I get into mischief, you will need to watch and bunny proof your house. I like being petted, brushed and held but not too high as I prefer having all 4 feet in the ground.

I love chasing ChiChi everywhere, in and out of the bunny tunnel or cardboard box fun houses. When I’m not serenading and chasing ChiChi, I like keeping you company. ChiChi and I are very bonded. She is spayed and is not a fan of being held or picked up. We curl up together to nap and groom each other. ChiChi loves her food and can be protective of her bunny den stash until she knows you are the purveyor of the bunny food and treats! She also binkys around sometimes when I chase her. We love drinking water and to eat fresh green veggies, good quality food pellets, Timothy hay and the occasional treat like a strawberry, a baby carrot or a a little bit of banana.

What kind of veggies do we like? Great question! Leafy green lettuces, dandelion greens, parsley, cilantro, green string beans, kale, perhaps endive. 

We like chew toys and balls that roll. They are litter training us, but with the other bunnies here, i’m still doing some territory marking. I need to protect our food and my girl from bunny invaders! I promise I’ll be better once I’m neutered in the near future. 

Now that you know about us, we are so looking forward to meeting you. You can come visit us at at the PetSmart Burlington at 1200 Brant street location or you can complete and print an application to bring to the store.

Introducing BABY

Hey everyone! It’s me, Baby! Do you remember me from the adoption centre? It’s been awhile since I’ve been there. I’ve been enjoying my long, extended vacation at my foster dad’s house. It’s been soooo nice to have the place all to myself and not be pestered by other cats.

In case you forgot, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m seven years old and while I was known for being grumpy at the adoption centre, I’ve really changed since I’ve been in my foster home. Foster dad says I really am a friendly guy. I like pets and head rubs, just as long as they’re on my terms. You know, when I feel like it, not when you feel like it. I love bedtime and will cuddle and use foster dad as a pillow. Sometimes I even wake him in the night for attention. Hey, when I want attention, I want attention! I still don’t like to be picked up or sit in your lap, but I like to nap in the same room as you. I’m always looking for a new place to snooze. I love me some serious nap time! I like to talk a lot too.

You usually know where I am, as I’ll often walk around announcing my arrival or presence. Sometimes I forget my manners and might give a little nip. But just give me my space and I’ll stop. I’m a manly cat, but I have to admit – I’m afraid of loud noises. I have to run and hide when that noisy vacuum comes out. I can be a bit skittish at times, but foster dad reassures me and makes me feel safe when I’m scared. Dad says that overall, I’m really an easy going kitty – most of the time. You already know that I don’t like cats and dogs. That hasn’t changed, so I really need to be your one and only pet.

In case you forgot, I was surrendered with my brother when our family came upon hard times. My brother got adopted almost right away when we went into the adoption centre, but I had a really hard time adjusting and I spent a LOT of time there. Even though I made great progress with all the wonderful volunteers there, I still wasn’t completely comfortable or happy. That’s when I went to my foster home for my extended vacation.

While I’m having the time of my life at my foster home, the time really has come for me to find my forever home. My new family will have to understand my need for time and space to get used to all the new things. I need someone who is okay with my occasional nip or grumpiness. Once I settle in, I’ll be snoozing on your bed in no time.

I really do deserve my own forever home, where I can lay down my own permanent roots, just as much as every other cat. I sure hope that home is with you!

What do you say? Do you want to meet me? I’m going to hang with foster dad until my new family comes along, so contact the folks at the rescue at (905) 301-3532, email: or fill out an online application

Contact us if you would like to meet anyone!