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Introducing BUSTER

Hey everyone! Buster’s my name, cuddling’s my game. I am a young dude, about one year old. Let me tell you, I’m what you call a total LAP MAGNET!

They say I’m more like a dog than a cat. You know why? Because I always have to be with you. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the bathroom or bedroom (privacy is over-rated anyway, right?) or cooking dinner – I’m there right beside you. You gonna sit down? Well that’s just an obvious invitation to your lap. I can’t be responsible for any hair that might end up on your lap. But I have a solution – I’m black, so wear black pants! Problem solved! I am a master at the cardboard scratcher thing. Don’t worry, furniture is boring. You don’t have to worry about me scratching it.

I love to run around the house carrying a soft toy in my mouth, chirping away and batting it here and there. Man, is that fun! You should try it. Oh, but you’re not cat – it might look silly if you do it. I would just be so happy to be your one and only lap magnet. The receiver of all the attention. The centre of your universe. Ok, I might be ok with a laid-back, non-aggressive cat, but really, let’s not bother. I really don’t want to share my human.

I came from a home that had good intentions, but ended up with too many cats. Too many cats, too few laps to snuggle on. The rescue people came and took us and promised to find us all new forever homes.

Do you have one, or even better, more than one forever laps that I can curl up on?

I’m ready and waiting to meet you at Etobicoke PetSmart or you can fill out an online application:

Introducing SOPHIE

Who’s ready to go home with you today? This little beauty is! Our darling Sophie is a three year old brown tabby, who wants nothing more than to cuddle up on your lap. You did say you were looking for a lap cat, right? Sophie is very gentle and loves to snuggle up on the bed with you as well. Hopefully you don’t mind sharing your pillow because Sophie LOVES to sleep on your pillow. If she’s not on your pillow, she can be found sleeping by your feet. You don’t mind sharing your bed, do you?

Sophie is very playful and loves to play with pipe cleaners and balls. The laser light is an all time favourite as well. It is a playful cat you were searching for, right? Got kids? Perfect – Sophie loves kids! Is your home pet free? Excellent – Sophie would prefer to be your one and only lap cat.

Sophie and her babies were surrendered when her owner realized that after four pregnancies, she was unable to care for Sophie. Yes, that’s right – at such a young age, Sophie has already had four litters. She was a fantastic mom to her babies, who have all been adopted. Now that she never has to worry about having babies again, Sophie deserves to enjoy her youth!

Playful, cuddly, gentle, good with kids – Sophie is everything you’ve been looking for in a cat, right?

To meet Sophie, you can visit her at Etobicoke PetSmart or fill out an online application:

Introducing TAFFY & MAESTRO

My name is Taffy and this is my brother Maestro. We are three years old. Can you guess how I got my name? Yep – it’s because I’m soooo sweet. I am the best cuddle partner you will ever meet and I will never leave your side once I get to know you. Ya, I may be a wee bit shy at first and I may get a little spooked sometimes, but it doesn’t take me long to settle in and be my cuddly self. I am pretty curious and like to follow you around to watch what you’re doing.

I love treats and playing with all the kitty toys. And I mean ALL of them! Toss it my way and I’ll play with it!. I LOVE to be petted! My brother Maestro is very sweet and loving too. He just needs some time to get comfortable in a new place. I think his name suits him as he’s sometimes a bit bossy to me. We haven’t had the easiest life so change can also make him a little shy and nervous. That’s when he gets a bit bossy to me. But I know he loves me! Once he settles in, he loves to cuddle and get lots of pets too! Maestro LOVES his food and treats also. He really is very playful when he’s settled. We are both fine with respectful children and other friendly cats.

We aren’t sure about dogs as we’ve never lived with them before. Maestro & I have been together our whole lives so we must be adopted together.

Maestro and I came to the rescue when we were surrendered by our owners. It was sad for us, but we know we will find the best new forever home soon!

Is that home with you? If you’re looking for a pair of playful cats who like to cuddle and have the patience to let us get used to our new home, then yes, I think your home will be just perfect for us!

If you would like to meet us, just stop by Burlington PetSmart on Brant St. or you can fill out an online application: 

Introducing ZOE

Well really, can she be any cuter? This little angel is Zoe. Zoe is approximately 2-3 years old and is the sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet. Zoe just can’t get enough scratches and cuddling. If she’s not sitting on your lap, she’s snuggled in right beside you. She’ll even roll over for belly rubs.

Zoe is a quiet girl who doesn’t say much, unless she knows it’s dinner time! Then she’ll talk up a storm until dinner is served. And this girl can eat! She’s tiny, but loves her wet and dry food. And of course, treats! Look at the adorable little freckles on her nose! Zoe is just too sweet for words – she will even sit still while you clip her nails!

In a new home environment, Zoe might be a bit shy, but it certainly won’t take long for her to be your new best friend. Zoe hasn’t met other cats, but with her good nature, and a proper introduction, she should be fine. She loves company, so she would do best in a home where she will get lots of attention throughout the day.

Zoe and her kittens were surrendered by their owner to animal services, as they felt they could not care for them. Zoe was the most patient and loving mother to her kittens. They have all been adopted and now beautiful Zoe is ready to find her forever home.

Do you have a lap to cuddle on? Do you have lots of scratches to give? Are you looking for the perfect companion to complete your family? Then you must meet Zoe!

To meet her, please contact Ninth Life Cat Rescue at (905) 301-3532, email: or fill out an online application: 

Introducing BUTCH and SUNDANCE

Cuter than any outlaw you’d ever see, this super adorable pair is Butch & Sundance! This posse of two is six months old. Handsome Butch is the leader of this gang – he has the pink nose and black chin. Both these boys are shy, but very sweet. Sundance is a little bit shyer than his brother, but oh how they love to play! They love balls and catnip toys. The only thing they’re going to steal from their cat friends may be their toys. Or catnip. Do not leave the catnip unattended. Did someone say dinner time? They boys LOVE their wet food. They’ll do just about anything for wet food! Butch loves laps and he’s ok being picked up. He’s a chatty boy too. Sundance might be a little bit more laid back than Butch, but he’s just as lovable.

Sometimes Butch & Sundance’s eyes get weepy when they are stressed. Don’t worry – their eyes aren’t infected. They get their eyes wiped twice a day and get Viralys and a probiotic every day, which really helps. They may flare up occasionally due to stress, but otherwise is not a major concern. Once they settle in, they should eventually outgrow their watery eyes. As they are shy, a quieter home with older respectful children would be best.

Butch and Sundance have been together their whole lives. They were rescued from a backyard, so of course this posse must be adopted together!

Do you have the perfect home for this lovable pair? Have no fear – the only thing they are going to steal from you is your heart!

If you would like to meet them, please stop by Burlington PetSmart on Brant St. or you can fill out an online application.

Introducing Rabbits: Thumper & ChiChi

My name is Thumper and this is my girlfriend ChiChi.
We are two year old Lionhead bunnies.

I am friendly, gentle natured, curious with a great zest for life! I paw at the volunteers pants when I want attention, and I have hopped inside the garbage can a few times! I like to rearrange my litter box when they put new litter in. I also paw at anything plastic like the dust pan, or tunnel and I just love tearing paper towels apart…an unattended roll is an invitation for fun I say! As I get into mischief, you will need to watch and bunny proof your house. I like being petted, brushed and held but not too high as I prefer having all 4 feet in the ground.

I love chasing ChiChi everywhere, in and out of the bunny tunnel or cardboard box fun houses. When I’m not serenading and chasing ChiChi, I like keeping you company. ChiChi and I are very bonded. She is spayed and is not a fan of being held or picked up. We curl up together to nap and groom each other. ChiChi loves her food and can be protective of her bunny den stash until she knows you are the purveyor of the bunny food and treats! She also binkys around sometimes when I chase her. We love drinking water and to eat fresh green veggies, good quality food pellets, Timothy hay and the occasional treat like a strawberry, a baby carrot or a a little bit of banana.

What kind of veggies do we like? Great question! Leafy green lettuces, dandelion greens, parsley, cilantro, green string beans, kale, perhaps endive. 

We like chew toys and balls that roll. They are litter training us, but with the other bunnies here, i’m still doing some territory marking. I need to protect our food and my girl from bunny invaders! I promise I’ll be better once I’m neutered in the near future. 

Now that you know about us, we are so looking forward to meeting you. You can come visit us at at the PetSmart Burlington at 1200 Brant street location or you can complete and print an application to bring to the store.

Introducing STEVIE

Have you been looking for a cat that loves human attention? Have you been seeking a cat that could easily spend the whole day laying by your side? Is your perfect cat outgoing and not shy? Then look no further! Say hello to the handsome Stevie! Are you looking for a cat that will be your shadow? Stevie. He follows his foster mom around the house, watching her every move, waiting patiently for the second she sits down, so he can lay beside her.

Looking for a cat that is a bit more mature and past the kitten stage? At eight years young, Stevie is full of energy! Is your ideal cat one that loves head rubs, neck and chin scratches? Here he is! It’s Stevie! Do you want a cat that will play with all the toys you have around the house, especially if you have tunnels, mice, catnip and strings? He’s right here – Stevie! Want a cat that isn’t going to bug you for belly rubs all day? Stevie. He really dislikes them.

Is your home perfect for a cat that just had all his dental done, because he has to eat only dental food now (readily available from your vet)? Stevie tends to get constipated occasionally. So, to prevent this, he gets a little bit of Restorolax in his Fancy Feast everyday, just to help keep things moving along. No big deal, right? Have just enough room for one pet? Stevie is your guy – he wants to be the only pet in the house so he can have all your love and attention.

Stevie and his sister were left without a family after their owner sadly passed away. Some kind neighbours would leave food for them before they came to us. Stevie’s sister was adopted but the hustle and bustle of the centre didn’t suit Stevie’s fancy, so he’s going to hang out at his foster until he’s adopted.

Is the cat you’ve been searching for finally here? Is it Stevie? If you would like to meet Stevie, please contact Ninth Life Cat Rescue at (905) 301-3532, email: or fill out an online application: 

Introducing MUFFIN

Meet our tasty little treat, Muffin! Like her name might imply, Muffin is a very sweet girl. She’s very talkative – she’d love to sit with you while you have your coffee and have a chat. Muffin is a stunning lady that likely has some Norwegian Forest cat breeding. Muffin is approximately 12 years old, although we can’t be sure of her exact age. However, you would never know by her demeanour that she’s a senior girl. Muffin is very independent. She loves to explore her surroundings and is very curious about the people around her. Muffin is not a lap cat, but she love to be near you.

Muffin has something called hyperthyroidism – meaning she has an overproduction of thyroid hormone. This is easily managed with a small pill twice a day – it is also her absolute FAVOURITE part of the day as she loves getting treats with her pill and will eat it from your hand! Now that her hyperthyroidism is under control she can have it treated by two ways – whichever works best for her new owner. She can either be on a special veterinary diet of thyroid health food, or, she can be on any kitty food with a pill twice a day – currently she is on a pill due to how easily she eats it with treats – no pilling needed. But since Muffin likes to eat just about anything, the transition to a thyroid health diet would be very easy as well, if that works better for her new family. Due to Muffin’s extended time outside, she has learned to like her own space when it comes to other cats. This means she would do best with no other pets or calm pets that will let her have her space and be the boss! But really, a special girl of her age deserves to be spoiled as the queen of her own home, don’t you think?

Muffin was a stray and being fed outside for approximately four years, before she finally made her way indoors. She has adjusted very well to the indoor lifestyle and would love nothing more than to have her own home, perhaps with a nice, bright sunny window to watch the outside world go by – a world she is happy to no longer be a part of.

Sweet Muffin deserves to be spoiled after spending several rough years outside. Since she wouldn’t do well in an adoption centre with many other kitties, she is staying at the vet clinic that took her in, where she gets to roam around the whole hospital, talking to everyone she meets.

If you would like to meet her, please contact us at (905) 301-3532, email: or fill out an online application

Introducing BABY

Hey everyone! It’s me, Baby! Do you remember me from the adoption centre? It’s been awhile since I’ve been there. I’ve been enjoying my long, extended vacation at my foster dad’s house. It’s been soooo nice to have the place all to myself and not be pestered by other cats.

In case you forgot, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m seven years old and while I was known for being grumpy at the adoption centre, I’ve really changed since I’ve been in my foster home. Foster dad says I really am a friendly guy. I like pets and head rubs, just as long as they’re on my terms. You know, when I feel like it, not when you feel like it. I love bedtime and will cuddle and use foster dad as a pillow. Sometimes I even wake him in the night for attention. Hey, when I want attention, I want attention! I still don’t like to be picked up or sit in your lap, but I like to nap in the same room as you. I’m always looking for a new place to snooze. I love me some serious nap time! I like to talk a lot too.

You usually know where I am, as I’ll often walk around announcing my arrival or presence. Sometimes I forget my manners and might give a little nip. But just give me my space and I’ll stop. I’m a manly cat, but I have to admit – I’m afraid of loud noises. I have to run and hide when that noisy vacuum comes out. I can be a bit skittish at times, but foster dad reassures me and makes me feel safe when I’m scared. Dad says that overall, I’m really an easy going kitty – most of the time. You already know that I don’t like cats and dogs. That hasn’t changed, so I really need to be your one and only pet.

In case you forgot, I was surrendered with my brother when our family came upon hard times. My brother got adopted almost right away when we went into the adoption centre, but I had a really hard time adjusting and I spent a LOT of time there. Even though I made great progress with all the wonderful volunteers there, I still wasn’t completely comfortable or happy. That’s when I went to my foster home for my extended vacation.

While I’m having the time of my life at my foster home, the time really has come for me to find my forever home. My new family will have to understand my need for time and space to get used to all the new things. I need someone who is okay with my occasional nip or grumpiness. Once I settle in, I’ll be snoozing on your bed in no time.

I really do deserve my own forever home, where I can lay down my own permanent roots, just as much as every other cat. I sure hope that home is with you!

What do you say? Do you want to meet me? I’m going to hang with foster dad until my new family comes along, so contact the folks at the rescue at (905) 301-3532, email: or fill out an online application

Introducing PANDA

Meet our special needs boy, Panda. Panda is an absolutely adorable tuxedo who is almost three years old. Panda is very social and loves to be around his people. If he does wander off to explore or hide somewhere for a nap, he will usually come when called. Panda is a smart boy – he knows how to high five and sit. Well, usually, unless he doesn’t feel like doing it (he is a cat, after all). Panda is usually pretty cuddly, as long as it’s on his terms (again, it’s a cat thing). He’s ok with being picked up, but just to be carried or cuddled (oh look…another cat thing). Panda loves chase toys and sometimes he’s quite happy just to play on his own with balls with bells in them. He is very smart with food toys – his foster family will often put his kibble in a Kong wobbler or even an empty plastic water bottle. Panda is good with his foster family’s dogs and he’s even good meeting new dogs.

What makes our boy a special needs cat? Panda has a condition called “Feline Hyperesthesia”. What does this mean? This condition causes him to attack his tail. Sadly, he’s had to spend most of the last year with a cone on almost 24 hours a day. However, the vet recently changed his medications and he seems to be much better. He is currently being tested without his cone and so far, seems to be doing well. Panda currently gets Gabapentin twice a day (as close to every 12 hours as possible) and Amitriptyline once a day, which he easily takes in his wet food. He is also on a urinary food to prevent urinary tract infections, which is readily available from any vet.

Panda’s perfect family will be someone who will love him for who he is and will be able to administer his medications on schedule every day. This special boy has been in the rescue for over a year now and would just love to find his own forever home.

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