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Introducing DISNEY & EPCOT

DISNEY & EPCOT | 6 mos. | Male | Playful | Loving | Cuddly | Neutered | Bonded must be adopted together | Older children only

What’s better than one loving, cuddly ginger kitty? Why a pair of loving, cuddly ginger kitties, of course! And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Disney & Epcot! These handsome boys are six months old and are ready for their next adventure.

Disney is a short haired orange tabby with the most striking markings. He just wants to give love and to be loved. Disney has the sweetest personality and loves to play with his brother. He loves wands and feathers, and really gets into jumping, hunting and catching. Disney is very gentle with humans and while he’s not fond of being picked up, he is extremely cuddly. He’ll jump up on the bed to get all the loving and flip on his back for tummy rubs. He loves to lay there happily getting chin rubs, tummy rubs and head butts. Disney is a quiet cat and not very talkative, but he’s very friendly. It’s super cute when he stands up on his back legs to get his treats or is he sees something in the distance.

Epcot is the long haired orange tabby with white paws, white snout and a big bushy raccoon-striped tail. Like his brother, he just wants to be loved, loved and loved. Epcot is more mischievous than his brother and likes to steal food from his cat siblings. He also loves wands and any toy with feathers. Catnip is a real favourite too. Epcot is very talkative and will jump up on the bed meowing for attention. Epcot is not a fan of being picked up either, but will curl up beside you for snuggles and cuddles. He absolutely loves chin and cheek rubs and sometimes tummy rubs, but his absolute favourite is getting his back end scratched, stretching his bum up in the air to stretch for even more scratches.

These boys love to play with each other and enjoy rough and tumble play matches every day! They are still slightly skittish, but have made great progress in their foster home. They must stay together as not only are they the playmate and best friend that the other needs, but each is a source of solace and comfort whenever they’re stressed or are unsure. They are best suited for a house with older children, who will not startle or frighten them.

Disney and Epcot were found as kittens in an industrial area, covered in motor oil. Cleaned up and brought into a loving foster home, their foster mom said that they have come so far from first hiding under furniture 24/7, to slowly becoming accustomed to humans, to eating in the open, to being touched, and handled, and now actively seeking out love.

Between their desire for love and affection and their love of food, Disney & Epcot will thrive with a patient family willing to work with them in their new forever home. Over time, their new family will get to experience love from these precious boys at ever increasing levels.

If you would like to meet Disney & Epcot please fill out an online application: or send us a message on Facebook.

Introducing SHERU

SHERU | 6 yrs. | Male | Affectionate | Social | Playful | Only cat preferred | Loves attention

My name is Sheru. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am only six years old and still in the prime of my life! I am a long, strong, gentle giant. I L-O-V-E being petted and having my head and ears scratched. You know those magic spots! Sometimes I’ll just do a big old flop down and roll on my back for chest and tummy rubs. I am good at giving lots of cat kisses when you pet me and maybe an occasional gentle love bite (just because I love it so much). As soon as you come home, I’m gonna rub all over you because I just want to show you how much I missed you while you were gone.

I enjoy lying near you when you are in bed, doing homework or working on a computer. I have almost mastered the art of not walking ON the keyboard but rather to walk AROUND the keyboard! I make the cutest little cat noises when I look at you, leaving you no choice but to take a work break and pet me. Come on, how can you resist this face? I love cat nip and am very good using my cardboard scratcher. Chasing string like toys is my favourite thing to do! Let me tell you, I am a very skilled hunter that can catch any string toy that comes near me with my big paws!

I like humans and I am fairly confident around people as long as they aren’t too loud or hyper-active, which makes me want to retreat to a quiet safe place. I like to hang out with you and chat with you. If you speak to me, we can have an entire conversation. If you leave me in a room and prevent me from being near you, I will call out to you to let you know you need to come back soon. I just want to hang out with you! I would be a great companion cat for someone that is lonely and wants great loyal cat company. I am fine being picked up but I don’t like being held for a long time and will and ask you to let me down when I have had enough. I think I would prefer a home with adults or older calmer kids. I am respectful of other cats but if they are assertive or want to play, I will find a quiet place to avoid any conflict and I would prefer a calm older laid-back cat friend. I would also be content being an only cat as long as I am not left at alone for too long each day.

My story? I was reported to Animal Services while I was begging for food on the street. It was cold and I was so hungry. They thought I could be lost, so they scanned me and I was so happy when they said I was microchipped and they would be able to reunite me with my human. I just wanted to go home, but when they went to the address associated with the microchip, no one answered. They tried to contact my owner via the contact number/email linked to my chip, but no one called them back. I wish I knew why they stopped loving me and left me to live on the street. It was really sad and scary! I am grateful to be off of the street, in a warm place where kind people are feeding and caring for me, but it’s still a bit sad. I’m hoping my new forever family will come for me soon!

Do you know what is going to be great about adopting an older guy like me home? I’m way past all the kitten nonsense. You don’t have to worry about me being naughty! You just have to be ready for all the lovin’ you’re gonna get from me!

If you would like to meet me, I am currently in foster and will be moving to the PetSmart Burlington at 1200 Brant street location on January 7th or you can fill out an application


JARRETT & TRISTAN | 5 mos. | Male | Playful | Older children only | Bonded brothers | Good with other cats

Hi everyone! It’s me, Jarrett! I’m the good looking tuxedo boy here. That’s my brother, Tristan. He’s the handsome black cat over there. We are five months old and boy do we love to play with toys – especially the ones that fly through the air that we have to catch! I like cozy places and napping inside the little house on top of my cat tree. Tristan is mesmerized watching all the birds. We also like to play chase with each other. We have so much fun together! We are ok being picked up but may be a little shy and nervous at first until we get to know you. Oh, and we both love being petted. What cat doesn’t, right?

Tristan’s eye? Oh don’t worry about that. He had an eye infection that damaged his cornea so his eye will always be a bit cloudy. He can still see with it, maybe not too clearly, but that doesn’t stop him one bit when he’s playing or watching birds! We both can get spooked by lots of action and noise so we would do best in a quieter home with adults or older children. We both are ok with other cats, but we aren’t used to being around dogs. We are the bestest of friends and must be adopted together.

We were found outside when we were kittens. Luckily, someone saw us and took us to animal services where a rescue lady said she would foster us and find us a good home together. Good thing – it’s getting really cold out there! We’re so happy we were rescued, but now we’d be even happier in our new forever home!

What do you say? Do you have room in your heart and home for two sweet young brothers with unconditional love to give? Then please come visit us at PetSmart Burlington at 1200 Brant street location or you can fill out an application:

Introducing LARK

LARK | Female | 3 yrs. | Timid | Playful | Lover of catnip and treats| Must be only cat | Needs love and patience

Potential: capable of being or becoming. That’s what the volunteers say about our Lark. She has lots of potential. The potential to become a loving member of your family. Will it take some time? Definitely. Is she going to be shy at first? For sure. Is she going to hide? Probably. Does she deserve a chance at having a loving family and home? Absolutely! Is she going to be eternally thankful to have a new home? Without a doubt!!

Lark is a beautiful dilute calico and is approximately three years old. Lark has made significant progress since she first arrived. While she hid in the beginning, one day she just decided to move into the largest cage in the room, which was already occupied by another shy kitty. From that moment on, Lark decided it was going to be her cage, even with the other kitty, the only other cat she tolerated. Now that she has the larger cage, she will venture out more and is starting to enjoy herself in the adoption centre, even if still slightly wary. She is proving to be quite inquisitive and is showing that she has some spunk too. Lark loves her treats and wet food. She loves her catnip mouse and likes to play! Lark likes to be petted, but isn’t too keen on being picked up, although she only squirms to be put down. Lark does like to hang out with people, but not necessarily interacting with them – yet! The volunteers have said this is starting to change. In her foster home, Lark was not a fan of dogs, but she was great with the older children!

Lark was rescued when she was very pregnant. Her mouth was full of rotten teeth and she had to have several removed. All of her kittens were adopted months ago, while Lark still waits for her forever home.

Lark is looking for a home with an experienced cat person who will give her all the time and space she needs to settle in and get comfortable. She deserves this, doesn’t she? She has the potential! She just needs someone to see that and give her the loving home she longs for.

If you would like to meet Lark, please stop by Oakville PetSmart or you can fill out an online application:

Introducing EDEN and EMORY

This adorable pair of one year old sisters is Emory & Eden!

EMORY is an affectionate little purse panther who loves to rub on people’s legs to let them know she would like some attention. After being allowed to sniff your hand, she welcomes pets and scratches as well! Her favourite places to be scratched are the sides of her face and her chin.

Emory LOVES toys! She can play all by herself, or with her sister, or with her humans. She loves wand toys the most! She will even play fetch sometimes if you are patient with her! She will pick a spot to “hide” all of her favourite toys from her sister. When she feels comfortable, (or when it is clearly PAST dinner time) Emory loves to chat. She has a tiny little mew that is just so precious, yet so demanding at the same time.

She will jump up next to her human to snuggle as soon as she trusts that she will not be picked up without her permission. She loves to snuggle and she and Eden are often found in an adorable cuddle puddle atop a comfy couch or blanket. Emory will allow you to pick her up only after she gets to know you and begins to trust you more deeply. She is good with other cats, and is usually fine with being a follower instead of a leader.

EDEN is a tiny but mighty little girl. She is shy until she gets to know you, but the wait and experience are so worth it. She tends to watch Emory first, and then join in when she feels safe. Eden LOVES food. All food. Any food. Though she is small, she has a BIG appetite! Eden knows when it is almost dinner time, and makes sure that the humans know it too! She even tries to convince one human that another human has not yet fed her, when she knows very well that she has just eaten her whole meal. Though Eden is a bit more shy than her sister, she still has a big personality. She likes to be the leader of all felines in the house. Eden prefers not to be picked up just yet, but may very well change in the near future. She certainly does like to be close to her humans and feline family members. Eden & Emory will do best in a quiet household with no dogs or children. These girls deserve to be the centre of attention and must be adopted together.

Emory & Eden were found as strays and rescued from animal services. Because these girls were feral until about six months old, they do still sometimes have a tendency to be frightened of new people and new places. They are learning to trust more and more quickly though, and will need a family that has the patience to let them get comfortable in their new home.

These two babes have been in foster for over six months, and have always been treated as part of the family. Now, they deserve their own forever family, who will love and cherish them always.

If you would like to meet Emory & Eden, please contact Ninth Life Cat Rescue at (905) 301-3532, email: or fill out an online application:

Contact us if you would like to meet anyone!