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Introducing SUNKIST

Hello everyone! My name is Sunkist. Doesn’t that make you feel warm & fuzzy? I was named Sunkist by my foster mom cuz she said my nose looks like its been kissed by the sun – no idea what that means but I kind of like the name so I think I will keep it for now.

I’m only two years old. I’m a little bit shy, but I’m better now that I’ve been inside with my foster family for awhile now. I love being groomed (I have my own special brush). It feels really nice when I get my daily brushes. I roll around on my back so mom can get all my favourite spots. I got to try lots of different food, but salmon wet food is my all time favourite. I’m even discovering that toys are kind of neat too! It might take me a little bit of time to warm up to you, but when I do, just know that I LOVE belly rubs and chin scratches! I love to snuggle up next to my foster mom and fall asleep with my head on her lap. I will need a little time to warm up to new people, but I promise it will be worth it – I have a lot of love to give and hope there is a family out there that will give me a place to call my own. I have met a few cats along the way and think with proper introductions and a gentle cat I could be very happy. I have not met dogs so not sure I would like them. I also think that older kids would be best for me.

I can’t remember how long I was a stray but it felt like a really long time. I even had a few litters of kittens outside before a nice family started feeding me and providing me shelter. At first I was wary, I didn’t know why they were so nice and so I ate all the yummy food they put out for me but I wouldn’t let them get too close. Eventually my kittens all wandered off (I really hope someone nice helped them) and the weather started to get really cold and snowy. It got so cold I decided to go inside the house of the nice family that kept feeding me. They gave me a nice warm bed and lots of food. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep me, so they called this rescue place and my foster mom came to get me and took me home right away. I had decided by then that I liked inside living, with warm beds and constant food. My foster mom took me to a vet (I didn’t like that too much) and got me vaccinated and spayed….boy do I feel better knowing I will never have to have any more kittens. 

Now that I’m becoming less shy and really starting to get to enjoy being spoiled by people, I think I am ready to find my own forever home. I will be a little nervous at first and it will take me some time to trust new people, but I know it’s safe and I really want to live inside, in my own forever home, with my own forever family.

Introducing DIXIE

Who wants to steal the “heart” of Dixie? Cute as a button and oh so petite, Dixie is a super playful, two year old love bug. She loves to play with anything on a string and could chase pipe cleaners and pom poms all day long! She goes wild for HexBugs too! Dixie can’t get enough of cardboard scratchers. Not just to scratch, but she loves to lounge on them, so she’ll need a supply of scratchers big enough to nap on. This little lady is so well behaved. She never uses her claws where she’s not supposed to and she doesn’t even mind having them cut! Dixie LOVES her belly rubs and chin scratches. She’ll even hold your arm so you don’t stop petting her. In return, she’ll give you sweet Dixie kisses! She’s a curious girl who loves to be around her people all the time. Do you work from home? That would be perfect for Dixie! She is really great at supervising your work, while she lays beside your laptop. While she’s not necessarily a lap cat, she will sit beside you – especially when you’re handing out pets and scratches. This silly girl is quite happy to be carried like a baby over your shoulder. Dixie is very gentle with children. She tolerates other cats and dogs but if she was your one and only, that would suit her just fine.

Our sweet Dixie had a bit of a rough start when she first came to the rescue. Dixie found herself as a stray at animal services, alone and pregnant. Dixie was very sick when she first arrived at her foster home with a bacterial infection. Dixie then had a very difficult birth. After delivering three kittens, there were issues with kitten number four, who eventually passed away. An emergency visit to the vet allowed Dixie to deliver her final two kittens. Dixie’s kittens were weaned early, in order for Dixie to be able to take the medications she needed to feel better herself. Despite not feeling well, Dixie was an amazing mom to her surviving kittens, who have all found their forever homes. After many months of various medications, Dixie’s bacterial infection is under control and she’s feeling so much better, she’s ready to find her own forever home now. Dixie eats only venison dry food, but it is readily available from the vet.

Dixie is sure to steal your heart, as much as you will steal hers. The family that is fortunate enough to adopt Dixie will be the luckiest family ever, as she is almost perfect in every way!

Introducing McKAYLA & McKENNA

This lovely pair of sisters is McKayla & McKenna. These beauties are approximately 1 ½ years old. McKayla is the calico McKenna is the Tortie.

McKenna is the bolder of the two and allows petting when she ventures out of her condo. McKayla is more shy, but she will take treats from your hand. In fact, both girls love their treats. McKayla & McKenna love to play with balls and the wand toys, but the best fun and excitement they’ve ever had was when a cricket escapee wandered into their condo! That kept them captivated for hours! Catnip toys are also very much appreciated. McKenna has discovered the climber, and the best place to hang out is on the highest level, where she can keep her eyes on everyone in the room. She may be looking for stray crickets too! We don’t know how they are with dogs and although a bit wary, they don’t seem to mind the other cats in the adoption centre. McKayla & McKenna are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. 

McKayla & McKenna were part of a litter found on a farm and trapped when they were approximately five months of age. After spending some time in a foster home, all of their other littermates have been adopted and now they would love nothing more than to find their forever home. 

McKayla & McKenna are still a little bit frightened, but are not aggressive in any way. They are becoming more and more confident every day. The perfect home for McKayla & McKenna will have an experienced cat person, who will give them lots of time and space to allow them to continue to gain their confidence. They are sure to thrive in the perfect home. 

Introducing ADDISON

All dressed up in his fancy tie, Addison is truly a cat of the world. Not only is he suave and debonair, he understands Russian! Official name Addison – but you can call him Addie. Just Addie.

This handsome guy is six years old and is very affectionate. He’s a real ladies cat, and all the girls he meets instantly fall in love with him. Addie is incredibly sweet and loving and is certain to charm everyone he meets. Addie is a big boy, and while yes, there’s more of him to love, he will need help with his diet to regain his svelte physique. Unfortunately, Addie is not as fond of other cats as he is with humans. Because he dislikes other cats so much, he will not do well in an adoption centre and will be adopted from foster. He has never met a dog, so we’re not sure if he would be able to charm them or not.

Addison did have a human of his own at one point, but that human moved away and left him behind with a friend. Unfortunately, the friend also moved out of the country and couldn’t take Addie with him. Sadly, he has never quite had the true forever home he deserves.

Perhaps you know a little Russian and would like to have a few words with Addison? He’s all dressed up and waiting to meet you. Oh, but don’t worry – he speaks human too!

Introducing PATCHES

I wish… I wish… I wish… My name is Patches and I’m just two years old. I am hoping if I wish hard enough and long enough, maybe one day someone will notice me, meet me and want to take me home. The volunteers here in the store are great – they to give me massages with my wooden spoon. When they hit all the right spots, I stretch out, roll over and purr. I’m ok being petted too, as long as they don’t overdo it. If they do, I occasionally give them a bit of a swat with my paw. I’m just not used to all this affection yet. 

You know what I love? Kittens! I love when the kittens jump into my condo to greet me nose to nose before they eat all my food. Rascals! I don’t mind as I really love friendly cat or kitten company. They are teaching me to be more brave too. I’m also learning about something they call playing. We chase the red dot or try to catch something in the air that looks like a bird. I can’t wait for the day when I can catch that dot!! I’m trying my best to be a good cat and I even try to clean the window of my condo with my paws. I love the cat scratching pad they bought me too! I love to eat my food when it’s calm. I get lots of wet food because guess what? I don’t have any teeth! Ya, when I went to get neutered, the vet said that my gums were all inflamed and my teeth were really bad, so he pulled them all! So, really, I’m still learning to trust humans. I’m easy to love, I’m just shy around loud noises and strangers. There are so many scary strangers here. All the kids knocking on my window are scary too, so I tend to hide out in my cat cave until it’s nice and quiet. I’m kind of like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz – if only I had more courage and confidence, people would see that I’m a really great guy.

I was rescued from a cat colony and I am so grateful as I’m sure I would not have survived this cold weather. My foster parents were really great after my surgery. It was quiet there and I had several cat buddies so I was able to get my confidence back, come out to watch birds in the window and explore. They said I was a couch potato. I am just beginning to feel that way in this busy store!

As I learn each day humans are good, my boundaries are coming down. I think I would make a very good couch potato in your home. I am very mellow and I do like attention once I know I can trust you. I really need a friendly kitten or cat in my new home to hang out with but please no dogs or hyper kids as they scare me.

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