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Introducing LADYBUG

LADYBUG | F/S | 7 yrs. | Playful | Sweet | Affectionate on her terms | Good with calm cats | Older children only | FIV+

Hello! I’m Ladybug. I’m a sweet and sensitive somewhat mature, seven year old kitty looking for a special home to call my own.

My three favourite things to do are nap in sunny spots, play with toy mice, and get affection from my humans. I enjoy spending my day in various favourite napping spots, including beside the bedroom window and a few cats beds. After my nap, I’ll find one of my toys to chase and pounce on; even better, sometimes my human will bring out a wand toy and I’ll jump and pounce to catch it with the enthusiasm of a kitten. Whenever my human walks by, I rub up against them and ask for pets and head scratches. Even though I’m not the most cuddly cat and probably won’t sit with you on the couch, you can always find me a few feet away. When I see you move, I will come to get attention. I’m getting better every day at asking for and accepting affection, but sometimes when I feel a weird touch or there’s a sudden noise, I’ll scamper away for a few seconds until I feel safe again. I’m happy to stand at my bowl and get brushed and petted while taking bites of my meal. Even though I really don’t like it if you try to pick me up or touched with both hands, I love to be petted when I follow you around the house, or when I’m sitting in one of my favourite nap spots.

I had a few medical issues when I came to the rescue, including food allergies that caused my skin to itch a lot and upset my tummy—now I’m on a special diet, because I seem to be allergic to both chicken and fish. My new diet is pretty strict, but it keeps me healthy and itch-free so I’m very happy. I also had to have all my teeth removed, because they were really hurting me. Finally, the vet said I need to make sure I stay healthy because I’m FIV+, which means my immune system doesn’t work as well as it should. Don’t worry, though, it doesn’t mean I’ll live a shorter life or that I can pass it to anyone. Even though FIV can potentially be transmitted between cats, that usually only happens with a deep bite – but I don’t have any teeth to bite with, so we don’t have to worry about that! Besides, I really love hanging out with my kitty friends, and as long as they aren’t aggressive, I’d rather curl up with them to have a nap than pick a fight. I’m looking for a quiet home, hopefully where my people are home for a good portion of the day. I’ve never seen a dog, but I’m guessing I won’t like them. I’m definitely a very quiet, calm girl, so I don’t want to live with any little kids who won’t respect my space, so older kids (12+) would be best, if at all.

I came to the rescue from a colony of cats in Hamilton; they were trying to trap the momma to some kittens, and trapped me by accident. I was dirty and friendly, so the rescuers knew that I had once had a home, so the rescue took me in and that’s how I came to my foster mom’s house, where I’ve been for about two years, working on becoming my best self.

I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am, and I’m happy to say that I’m ready to find a home of my own! I love my foster mom and hanging out here, but I want my own home where I can be spoiled. Are you a very loving, patient, calm person or couple who is looking for a quiet companion? If you think you’re the right family for me, please fill out an adoption application today.

Introducing NELLIE

NELLIE | F/S | 6 yrs. | Playful | Friendly | Affectionate | Good with kids | Must be only cat

Hey everyone! It’s me – Nellie! Guess what? I’m looking for my forever home and I think it might be with you! Let me tell you all about me. I’m only six years old and super cute. I’m very, very friendly! And I’m SO affectionate – I LOVE everyone. See my pretty white and orange fur? I LOVE to be petted. And I LOVE to be scratched. My chin, my neck, my back – ya all over. My belly? Yup – go ahead and rub it. Can’t reach? Let me roll over for you so you don’t miss any spots. I just can’t get enough snuggles and pets. I am very playful too! Do you mind if we chat? I LOVE to be talked to and I’ll happily talk back. We can chat while we snuggle. I’m very neat and tidy too. You know what else I LOVE? Kids! I have a nine year old human in my foster home and we’re very close.
I’ve decided I want to be the only pet in the house. Dogs are afraid of me – ya, I stalk them – and cats – meh – I’d rather not.

I used to have a home, but my owner was older and had to surrender me. It wasn’t my fault at all. They just couldn’t care for me anymore. But that’s ok – I’m ready to move on to my new forever family.

Hmmmm… what else can I tell you about myself? Cute. Friendly. Affectionate. Love pets. Love snuggles. Love scratches. Love kids. Playful. Talkative. I think I covered it all. But, if you have questions or want me meet me, you can fill out an online application:

Introducing DANNI & CHRISSY

DANNI & CHRISSY | F/S | 1 yr. | Shy | Looking for a patient home | LOVES other cats | Older kids only

We can’t believe that Danni & Chrissy are STILL looking for their forever home! These beautiful girls are approximately one year old are the absolute best of friends. Here’s the thing about Danni & Chrissy. They are still very timid. They have already made good progress since they first came to us, scared and terrified, but they still need more time to learn to trust completely. Danni & Chrissy actually came to us separately, but went to the same foster home, where they instantly bonded. They protect each other, cuddling together to reassure each other that everything is going to be ok. Neither one of them are aggressive in any way and in fact, they enjoy and accept pets. Danni & Chrissy did spend some time in the adoption centre, were they were just starting to get used to people and other cats, before they had to be removed because of the Covid pandemic. They’ve been spending their quarantine time in a foster home, and are really starting to come out of their shells. So much so, we know they ready to find their forever home. Danni loves to spend time lounging on the window sill, soaking up the sun. Chrissy is a night owl and explores the house at night. Both girls are good eaters and come running when dinner is served. Danni & Chrissy LOVE other cats and will benefit from having another confident and friendly cat in their home, who will help them continue on in their journey to trust people. They aren’t too fond of young kids, because they frighten easy, so it’s best their home has older, or no, children.

Danni & Chrissy were both trapped in colonies outside. Once they were vetted and assessed, it was determined that they were not feral or aggressive in any way, and should not be released back outside.

Danni & Chrissy are ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives. Their forever home. Their forever family. Do you have the time to spend with them to allow them to feel comfortable, safe and loved? Will you be ok with the fact that they may just enjoy being in a home together and may never be lap cats? They may be in time – we just don’t know.

If you would like to meet Danni & Chrissy, please fill out an adoption application today.

Introducing YUNI & KICINTA

You know who else has been waiting for their forever homes for months now? Our bunnies – Yuni & Kicinta! Wait, you didn’t know we had bunnies? Well, not usually, but these two are an exception. They desperately needed a home, so we took them in. They were residing at our Oakville adoption centre before they had to be removed due to Covid and they’ve been in foster ever since.

Yuni & Kicinta are Holland Lops and are about 1 ½ yrs old. These adorable sisters are the best of friends and absolutely love each other. They have the softest fur you’ll ever feel and look at those ears! They don’t mind if you pet them, they just aren’t big fans of being picked up. They might be a bit shy when you first meet them, but they really are sweet girls, once they get to know you. Sounds just like cats, right? Yuni & Kicinta would be best with mature children over the age of 10 only. Their new home should be dog free as well.

Yuni & Kicinta would love to find their new forever home together soon! They’ve been waiting patiently for so long now. If you would like to meet them, please fill out our bunny application today:

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