A new member of the family

A new member of the family

My husband and I adopted Nelly (formally known as Bonnie) from Oakville PetSmart about a few months ago. At first our other cat, Kitty, was not too sure about Nelly; however they soon got to know each other.

Now they play together all the time. They both love to snuggle, and I love getting snuggles from them. Nelly is energetic and loves to play, she definitely seems happy and so are we.


bonnie3 bonnie02 bonnie01

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  • Nancy says

    Hi, my name is Nancy. I was Bonnie’s foster mom. Love the new name, Nelly.
    Kitty is beautiful. How old is he/she?
    Thank you for the update. Happy to see her settled and enjoying her new home.
    She is a sweet, sweet girl and has a special place in my heart.

    • Cristina says

      Hi Nancy,

      Kitty is a year old, he will be two in April, so about a few months older than Nelly.
      They are both sweet, loving cats.

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