Mother’s Day


Mothers are so special and do so much for us. While we should demonstrate our love and gratitude every day, we get busy and forget. At least we have Mother’s Day where we can show them how much they mean to us by taking them out to dinner or helping with chores. In the reality of the cat rescue world, kitty moms are overwhelmed with their litter. Sometimes they struggle to feed them, sometimes they are too young to understand what to do with their kittens and more than not foster moms have to stand in to help them cope. Unfortunately, there are so many poor kitty moms out there that do not have a foster home to feel safe and protected in or get help with their kittens.

May 14 is Mother’s Day and when you are shopping for your mom’s present to say thank you, could you consider visiting Amazon and giving kitten food, milk, adult food and litter to help those kitty moms in foster care? These moms will be so grateful for a full belly for themselves as well as their babies. Maybe you can give even a more precious gift, and that would be your time and love as a foster mom. The need is always great and the reward is that wonderful feeling of having helped several lives.

We truly welcome any donations for these precious furbabies:

1. Amazon wish list for much need kitten and momma cat supplies:

2. Monetary donations would also be greatly appreciated. Any amount is welcome as every dollar counts. Donations can be made via Canada Helps, e-transfer or Facebook Donate Button

Thank-you for your generosity and continuing support to help us help these little guys to have a chance at a future, a healthy life and a loving forever family and home. ❤️