Nick needs your help!


This poor little guy hasn’t had an easy time. Late one  night last week, one of our Ninth Life volunteers was contacted by his people, who threatened to put him out on the street if our volunteer wouldn’t immediately go and pick him up. Of course, she did.

What our volunteer discovered was a cuddly, friendly, and hungry little sweetheart. He probably had an untreated infection in his right eye, which explains its appearance. He also cried when he used the litterbox, which indicated any number of other problems.

This poor little one, now named Director Nick Furry, AKA Nick, needs to go to the vet as soon as possible and his vet care will definitely be costly.  If you follow our page, you know that Ninth Life never shys away from taking on sick, injured or disabled cats and kittens – but we need your help to care for these little guy.

Donations towards our veterinary expenses would be greatly appreciated. Any amount is welcome as every dollar counts. Donations can be made via Canada Helps, e-transfer or Facebook Donate Button.

Thank-you for your generosity and continuing support to help us help these little guys to heal so they can on to find a new loving family.