NLCR Fundraising Auction Donations Request


What did you get for Christmas? I got a beautiful knitted cat bed, but I am allergic to wool. My human got a gift card to a fantastic steak house, but she is a vegetarian. So we are going to donate them to Ninth Life Cat Rescue for their next on-line auction to help raise funds to find homes for other cute little kitties like me. Are there others out there who would like to do the same?

If you got wonderful presents that just are not suited to you, how about donating them. We accept any unused items, such as clothing, small appliances, toys, gift cards, crafting items, etc. Donations of servicers, such as spa, fitness, craft classes, pet services, etc., would also be appreciated. Anything that you cannot use but know someone else would love to have.

Ninth Life will be holding their next on-line auction in the Spring and would love donation items to auction off. All proceeds from the auction go to vet bills and the care of wonderful cats looking to find their forever home. We find homes for hundred’s of cats/kittens every year and want to continue to do so in 2023.

Please consider helping out and one way everyone can help out is sharing this post.

If you have an items/services to donate please contact