Why adopt from Ninth Life Cat Rescue

Shameless plug

First of all, you are giving a cat a home and a new chance at life. As an animal lover, what can be better than that?

Ninth Life Cat Rescue shelters cats of all ages and colors, including, occasionally, purebreds. Mixed parentage kitties come from tough stock and are every bit as beautiful and lovable.

The volunteers at our shelters and those who foster in their homes love these cats and wish they could keep them all. Happiness is seeing a rescue cat and new owner head home together.

Of necessity, the cats are kept in large condos but three daily shifts of volunteers feed, clean cages, and socialize the cats during free play time. They get to know the cats intimately and are accurate and honest in evaluating their personalities, helping you find a perfect match. What information we do have on the cat’s history is posted on a card attached to each condo.


Here’s what you get when you purchase a cat from Ninth Life Cat Rescue:

♥ A cat or kitten who will love you for the rest of its life.

♥ A cat or kitten that has been vet checked and is up to date on all vaccinations. A veterinary record is supplied.

♥ A cat that has been neutered. Young kittens under 6 months are returned for one day for their procedure, at no additional charge.

♥ A cat or kitten who is microchipped. Even an indoor kitty can escape.

♥ Four weeks of free pet insurance. You can extend the service if you wish.

♥ A PetSmart coupon book with lots of savings on pet needs.


Choosing a cat, or having a cat choose you, is personal. We want the right match for both you and the cat. Our shelters are always full and there is no pressure to purchase. Stop by anytime. We hope to see you soon!

Author: Patti Altridge