Why all cats should be indoor pets

The outdoors isn’t thaaaaaaat great

Did you know the average life expectancy of an outdoor cat is almost 50% lower than that of an indoor cat? While an indoor cat can live up to 15 – 18 years, the average life of an outdoor cat is only around 6 – 10 years.

Despite this statistic, many cat owners still choose to let their cat outdoors. Mind you, often these owners let their furry friends out with the best of intentions: their cat is bored, curious or desperate to get outside.

While letting your kitty outside may seem like the right thing to do, here are a few reasons why he or she should remain an indoor pet (and a few alternatives to try when they’re begging to go out).


Reasons to Keep your Cat Indoors

Other Animals: Coming into contact with other animals could put your cat in a dangerous situation for many different reasons. Cats are solitary by nature and don’t enjoy sharing their space. Being outdoors will most likely cause territorial disputes at some point, which could leave your cat with open cuts and wounds, or worse. Outdoor cats can be chased and injured or even killed by dogs or even coyotes (which are becoming more common even in residential areas).

Infections: Coming into contact with other animals could leave your cat with infections such as feline leukemia virus or rabies.

Parasites: Outdoor cats are much more likely to become infected with parasites such as worms, ticks and fleas.

Poison: Not only could your furry friend come into contact with man-made poisons such as pesticides, rodenticides or fertilizers while roaming the outdoors unsupervised, but certain flowers and plants are also poisonous to cats when consumed.

Vehicles: Most vehicle injuries for cats are fatal, and the ones that aren’t usually require extensive surgeries. As smart as cats may be, they can become easily distracted – especially outdoors.


Safer Alternatives for Your Cat

– A room with a view. Ensuring your cat has access to a window in your home will help them find outdoor entertainment while remaining safely indoors.

– Give them a friend

– If your cat is a single pet, adopting a friend for them to play with will keep them busy and occupied.

– Pet leash: If you can’t rid of your cats longing to go outside, try compromising with a leash. This way they can venture out while still being safe and supervised.