Why your cat needs a companion

Think your cat needs a friend? The answer is probably YES!

For most animal lovers, once you’ve adopted your first cat, adopting a second seems almost irresistible! Many potential adopters come into our shelter who desire a second cat, but have hesitations as to whether it’s the right decision.

Usually, their main concern boils down to a simple case of cohabitation anxiety (whether or not the current cat will be able to get along with the new one).

While there are a few cases where your furry friend may be happier alone, it’s very unlikely that this is the case! Here are a few reasons why adopting a companion cat is a great move for your pets:

#1. Companion cats keep each other company

While cats are much more independent than dogs and other pets, they still need socialization! If your household is always on the go—whether it be with work, school or other obligations—a companion cat is a great way to ensure your pets are still getting the attention they need. While you’re away, they can help to keep each other busy (but don’t worry, they’ll still be thrilled when you come home again).

#2. Companion cats keep each other active

Whether you have a young kitten who needs someone to jump around with, or an older cat who could use some encouragement when it comes to keeping active, a companion cat is an excellent solution.

Having a friend to entertain them will ensure your current cat is getting all the exercise they need, and at all times of the day. For example, cats can spend up to 16 hours sleeping each day, but most of these are done during the morning and afternoon. That means when you’re ready to go to bed, your cat is probably gearing up for its most active hours.That’s where a companion comes in!

#3. Companion cats keep each other mentally stimulated

We know what you’re thinking—double the cats means double the trouble, right? Wrong!

Did you know that a lonely cat is much more likely to cause trouble, and without even realizing it? Having another cat to keep it occupied can reduce (almost) any mischievous behaviour you may currently be experiencing in your home.

#4. Companion cats allow each other to BE cats

As much as you might understand and relate to your furry friend, there’s no one that can do it quite as well as another cat. Interaction with its own species will allow your pet to embrace its full feline!

It’s important to note that although companion cats have many benefits, introducing two cats takes time. Multiple cats probably won’t be best friends right away, but with a proper introduction, a companion cat will be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Author: Patti Altridge