Time to order your Fall Bulbs!

Time to order your Fall Bulbs!

As the evenings get cooler, and the garden blooms are starting to look spent, it’s time to think about fall planting for early spring blooms. This will be our second year offering a great selection of fall bulbs for planting. The high quality of bulbs from Van Noort ensures that if you can protect the bulbs from winter critters, you will have a colourful spring! ¬†Every year the selection changes a bit, and I’m quite excited about some of the stunning daffodils and tulips available this season.

Check out all the details and ordering information HERE and make sure to order before the September 25th deadline!


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2 Comments on "Time to order your Fall Bulbs!"

  • Sandi rutter says

    Got any of the new Canada 150 tulip bulbs?

    • Danielle says

      Hi Sandi! We’ve got a mix of red and white tulips – not sure if that’s what you mean! We collaborate with Van Noort Bulbs to bring this selection, they pick a variety to appeal to everyone. Hope you find what you are looking for!

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