Three is not a crowd

Three is not a crowd

In October we rescued a 3 month old tortie and named her Ziggy. She was full of spunk and super playful…too playful for Baxter, our 9 year old tuxedo. Ziggy tried and tried to get Baxter to play, and although our old gal was happy to cuddle and groom with Ziggy, she just isn’t all that playful. I tossed around the idea of getting a third cat – one closer in age to Ziggy – so that I could rescue another needy kitty and get a playmate for my hyper kitten as she approached her first birthday. I checked out rescue sites to see if anyone caught my eye. I knew I didn’t want another young kitten. I knew I wanted another tortie (I’m a sucker for their bold personalities). At the end of June I came across 2 year old Hershey on this website. I read her (very well written) description, and I had a good feeling. I jumped in my car and went to meet her. It was love at first sight. A week later, she came home with us. We took the time and effort to introduce her properly to Ziggy and Baxter, and after a week, they were freely interacting with no fighting. There were (and still are) the occasional bumps in the road. There has been some hissing, some posturing – but there has also been some running and chasing and playing together. They are still working out their pecking order, but they are doing it fairly, and no fur is flying. Hershey is very comfortable and loves all of the toys and cat perches and cozy beds that Ziggy and Baxter are happy to share with her. She is affectionate, chatty, playful, silly and she fits right in. I can’t imagine our home without her now. Many thanks to Ninth Life for making our decision and transition easy and stress-free.

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