The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

In on a regular day in April, Mowgli (Mogley) magically arrived in the adoption centre. Working at PetSmart in the pet care and training department, I cared for many beautiful rescued cats day in and out and loved it. But when Mowgli and Logan came in as a duo, I was infatuated!

Mowgli being my first EVER not only grey cat, but long haired too, his personality continued to consist of hugging you immediately and he always kisses everyone at least once in the first encounter! He truly is the happiest cat I have ever had the privilege of knowing and loving.

He was brought home to be a younger brother by another kitten only 3 months older than him, and they clicked perfectly in the first 24 hours. Tarr Tarr is solid black and lean like a jaguar, hence he is our Bagheera! They are two peas in a pod truly!
Oh yes, and Archie. Everyone loves the ferret as the youngest brother.
Triangle of Brothers <3

Thanks to Ninth Life adoption centre at the Burlington Brant Street PetSmart and to the PetSmart staff for making this experience possible and caring so deeply for these cats!

Shoutout to Jean, Pam and Lori, thank you forever!

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