Purrfect Timing ~ Casper

Purrfect Timing ~ Casper

We have been longing to have a family pet for a few years, but with our busy schedules and other circumstances, it just hasn’t been possible. We happened to be at the National Adoption Weekend at PetSmart back in May and laid eyes on Casper for the first time. I reached my hand in to see if he would let me pet him and he immediately started purring and practically wouldn’t let me stop. We knew we had to take him home! He was very timid the first few days, and we thought it would be a long road to adjust, but one day the following week he allowed me to scratch his neck (like I did the first time we met) and since then something just clicked and he cannot leave my side now if I am at home!! He LOVES to be snuggled and scratched and talked to (he even squeaks back very conversationally!) He is the light of our home and I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to give him up, because he is a darling boy and we grow to love him more everyday. His left ‘tattooed’ arm is so adorable 🙂

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