My boys

My boys

After losing our 18yr old cat Tyson, my girls were not getting along so well (he must have been keeping them in line). Snuggy wanted to play all the time and Monkey just likes to cuddle and sleep, so lots of hissing and growling started. Clearly we needed a playmate for Snuggy!
On one of our trips to PetSmart to get some cat food they were having a adoption weekend, there was a whole pile of kittens cuddled together in the corner and two little ones in the middle of the enclosure. One of the girls asked if we wanted to hold a kitten. Of course we said yes. We met Rocky! This tiny little ball of fur was so small he fit in the palm of my hand. My husband and I cuddled him for a good ten minutes before someone opened a can of food, Rocky wanted to eat. We gave him back.

The next week we went back to PetSmart and of all the kittens they had only three were left. Three little black kittens, Rocky was one. We couldn’t believe that no one adopted them. The 3 little guys were cuddled together sleeping. In the cage next to them was Sparky, sitting all by himself.

By the next week we had decided to get another cat. I went back to PetSmart to see if the kittens were still there, they were. All 3 black kittens together sleeping and Sparky all by himself in the next cage. I went to the front and inquired about Sparky as we were only looking to adopt 1 cat and we didn’t want to split the others up. I asked if I could hold Sparky. While I was holding Sparky, Rocky came running to the corner of his cage meowing at me. When I put Sparky back I played with Rocky in his cage a bit. I called my husband in tears saying I couldn’t leave Rocky behind.

We adopted them both! Almost 2 years ago now we adopted Sparky and Rocky. We couldn’t be happier that we did. They are hilarious, chasing each other around and wrestling. Chirping to locate one another and me too. They get along great with Snuggy. They go to her for comfort and a bath. Monkey doesn’t mind them that much either. She gets a little annoyed when they are running and jumping all over the house. Rocky is my little shadow, from the moment I get up in the morning until I go to bed he is not far away. Sparky is finally calming down enough to sleep next to my pillow at night. Rocky sleeps at the end of the bed. They have grown so much in the last two years.

I want to thank everyone at NLCR for finding and helping the cats/kittens they rescue. Without you I wouldn’t have my two little boys!

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