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Why is Ninth Life Hosting a High Tea?

Why is Ninth Life Hosting a High Tea?
Please help us save lives and BUY A TICKET today.

Is caring too much a bad thing?

At Ninth Life Cat Rescue, we don’t think so although we do find our large hearts add significantly to our always increasing veterinary bills. At this time of year when our foster homes are bulging with pregnant felines producing litters which need proper vet care and vaccines, it would be so easy to say we only will accept the healthy and easy to adopt cats into our rescue.

But how can we turn a blind eye to those in real need? Like little Avery who was found outside and required extensive treatments for a severe infection in the uterus and chronic ear infections? Definitely this was an exceptional case but what about all the other little ones like Stella who required a full mouth extraction or Mitzy who had a lump on her belly and needed it removed during her spay. These sweet babies were made healthy so they could eventually find their forever homes.

Kittens found outside often need to be treated for flea infestations, severe upper respiratory diseases as well as serious eye infections. Cases like baby Athena are common to us. She was born at only 65g and had swollen eye filled with pus at only 2-3 days old. This had to be lanced and drained and then she was put on eye drops and oral meds. Sometimes complications arise and the eye has to be sacrificed. Athena was lucky that her foster mom got in to the vet in time to help her.

Besides helping those who arrive with health issues, we continue to support our long term fosters who need special care. Mr. Higgins is a diabetic whose blood sugar has to be tested several times a day and who has now developed a heart condition. As a rescue we need to continue to help him and support him in foster care. The same goes for beautiful Bergen who may require neurological testing as she has developed a self- mutilating condition over recent months. We can’t toss out these darlings because they are costing too much.


And for these reasons and so many more we are asking you to come to our fund raiser at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre for High Tea on Sunday September 9 from 1-4 pm. Thanks for your support.


Article: Patti Altridge
Feature Photo: Grace Robertson
Avery Photo: Kendra J
Athena Photo: Steph PN
Mr. Higgins Photo: Agnes M
–Ninth Life Cat Rescue Volunteers

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High Tea at Joshua Creek

High Tea at Joshua Creek

Gentle ladies, men,and feline lovers, adorn yourselves with your favourite hat and prepare to enter the pastoral elegance of another era. Ninth Life Cat Rescue requests the pleasure of your company for high tea at the charming Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre in Oakville. Envision a Jane Austin country manor as you stroll through the lovely gardens or adventure into the labyrinth. Later partake in refreshments created specifically for this event by our special guest Tea Sommelier, Tracey Carr-Snyder, and amazing Chef Kimberly Ann Masko of Reds Restaurant. Delight your senses with fine food and delicious teas while surrounded by beautiful art and classical music.


When: Sunday September 9, 2018, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Where: Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, 1086 Burnhamthorpe Rd. East, Oakville

Tickets: $40 per person

Menu: Mouth-watering appetizers, fancy finger sandwiches, fresh fruits, and decadent desserts accompanied with specially flavoured waters for this event. Unique blended teas created by the Tea Sommelier.

Delightful Distractions to Entertain: Participate in our silent auction and raffles for lovely prizes.  Learn to pair teas with foods from our Tea Sommelier.

Each guest will have a small token of gratitude bestowed upon them for attending and supporting  the Ninth Life Cat Rescue.

Order Tickets

Credit and Debit card transactions can be accepted and processed.

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Can You Foster a Cat?

Can You Foster a Cat?

Right now we have two very friendly and very pregnant cats sitting in a shelter waiting to be rescued.Sadly, without more foster homes, they cannot be saved.

Can you help us?



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International Cat Day 2018

International Cat Day 2018

Started in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, International Cat Day is an annual event, always held on August 8th.

Pamper you cat(s) today! If you are considering adoption, all our adoption centres are all very full and volunteers would be happy to introduce the kitties.

Cat Pictured: Minks, from Oakville PetSmart
Photo Credit: Elaine Robertson


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Pet Valu 10 4th Anniversary Party

Pet Valu 10 4th Anniversary Party

Pet Valu 10 is located at Highway 10 and Eglinton Avenue.
5029 Hurontario Street, Mississauga

This event features:

— free BBQ

— free snowcones

— $5.00 self-serve dog washes

— $5.00 nail trims

— $5.00 face painting

— in-store specials

— product demonstrations

— raffles

— giveaways

.. and more!


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