Black – A colour or disposition?

Hey kitty adopting friendly wonderful people with purrrrrr-manent homes to give, it is me Samson.  I am the Black kitty that the Crazy Cat Lady was talking about yesterday.  She isn’t so crazy I think…she knows a lot beside being crazy ABOUT cats. 

She came to see me the other night.  I meeeeeeeowed at her and she knew just what I wanted; hugs, cuddles and some playtime.  Wow I love her cause she knows how to speak “cat”.  So while we were playing and she was taking some pictures of me a little girl asked if she could come into play.   Crazy Cat Lady said “sure” and I was sooooo glad.  I hoped the little girl would play with me.  Little girls run around more and they wave the wands really fast.  But she didn’t want to play with me.  She wanted to play with my fluffy orange kitty friend.  The little girl said I frightened her. But why??  I didn’t do anything??  I just stood waiting for the toy to be waved.

Crazy Cat Lady is kind though and she sat with the little girl and asked why.  I listened really carefully…  The little girl said cause I was black (oh dear that is just my colour of hair) and black scared her. 

Crazy Cat Lady asked her if the lady with the RED hair scared her. The little girl laughed.  “nope” she said. 

Crazy Cat Lady asked if she scared the little girl because she had WHITE skin. The little girl laughed.  “nope” she said. 

Then Crazy Cat Lady told the little girl a secret.  BLACK is just the same as any of those other colours.  It is just what we are on the outside.  On the inside is a really loving kitty that wants and hopes that you will play with him and love him.  Boy is she RIGHT.

So here are some things I thought I would tell you about us.

  •  In Asia and theU.K., a black cat is considered lucky.
  • In Yorkshire,England, it is lucky to own a black cat.
  • To dream of a black cat is lucky.
  • In the U.K., it is considered lucky if a black cat crosses your path.
  • Finding a white hair on a black cat brings good luck.
  • A strange black cat on a porch brings prosperity to the owner.
  • If a black cat walks towards you, it brings good fortune.

And most importantly………….

  • If you adopt a black cat from NINTH LIFE CAT RESCUE we will love you forever and promise to be your best friend.

And that is the world according to Samson….

Black cats pose an enigma to people who have never been up close and personal with one. My personal experience is that I think black cats must know they have to try harder.  Midnight, one of my own cats, was pure sweetness.  He was my daughter’s best friend, her snuggler in sorrow and her playmate on rainy days.  A more noble or kind cat you could not imagine.  She would have missed out for sure if Midnight had not been part of our lives.

Our Message:  

Black is a colour not a disposition…..why not see if one of our Black Beauties fits in your family?


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