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Meowloween 2018

Meowloween 2018

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble! 

Yes it’s almost that time of year and although Shakespeare wasn’t actually referring to Ninth Life Cat Rescue’s Meowloween Party, we think he would approve. So tap into your inner ghoul, be creative, and come and join us for our 3rd Annual MEOWLOWEEN PARTY. Our two fantastic chefs will be busy bending over their cauldrons in the Brampton Legion’s kitchen to concoct devilishly delicious dishes for whatever beastie you are (carnivore or vegetarian).

All funds raised goes to help cats and kittens in need. And with the cold months quickly approaching these little fur babies will need all of your help. So make sure you buy your tickets NOW!


As Dracula says, “Won’t you come in for a bite?” Chef Tom and Chef Kim have have conjured up a fang-tastic meal and a spooktacular dessert bar for your ghoulishly delightful! Non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price of your ticket and the Legion will run a cash bar. Remember to drink responsibly.

The Wolfman howls for you to get your “BOO-gie” on and rattle your bones with our special line dancing. This could get very scary!

Costume Contest: Think outside the crypt and bewitch us with your original costume. The best look will be awarded with an eye of newt (or something much better)! And our famous NLCR sorceress will capture your Meowloween spirit at our spooky photo booth.

Hang around for a spell as throughout the evening a raffle/auction table will summon you to try and win some awesome prizes donated by our generous supporters. Invoke the spirits to bring you luck in a 50/50 draw.

So where and when is this ghoulishly delightful event happening?

Date: Sunday October 21st, 2018

Time: 4pm to 8pm, Dinner served around 5:30 p.m.

Location: Royal Canadian Legion 609

Address: 1133 Queen St. E, Brampton, Just East of Hwy 410

ADVANCE Tickets at a hauntingly low price

—Adults $25
—Kids under 12 $15
—Kids under 3 are FREE

Advance tickets will ONLY be on sale until midnight on Saturday October 20th, 2018.
DOOR Tickets – Above prices go up $5  

Please purchase your tickets well in advance so we have enough spaces set at the tables and enough food to feed everyone! You won’t want to anger the demon spirits floating around.

For questions about vegan options or other food restrictions and allergies, please contact the organizers at



—Appetizers: veggies, dips, nachos and variety of cheese and crackers
—Main Meal: Lasagna – meat and vegan/vegetarian
—Meatballs and “Beetballs”
—Garlic Bread
—Green Salad and Cesar Salad
—Dessert Bar: Variety of cakes, muffins, cookies, and other treats
—Flavoured Water: Fall-themed
—Beverages: Coffee/Tea, Pop

Want to help out in another way?
We would gladly accept in-kind donations of the most needed items for our foster homes, such as Royal Canin Babycat, kitten food, wet food, litter and kitten milk replacer. Also appreciated are gift cards for pet stores and gas stations for our volunteers who run errands. Cash and cheque donations are also welcome the night of the event or when purchasing your tickets.

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Thanks for Giving Event

Thanks for Giving Event

Please drop by and see us on Saturday, September 29, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm in the parking lot at PetSmart on Hyde Park Gate in Oakville. Rain or shine!

FREE pet microchipping, with a donation to Ninth Life Cat Rescue,  from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, with thanks for Dr. Padma Mullick of Rivergrove Animal Hospital.

We will have lots of baked goodies for sale. And, don’t forget to buy tickets for our awesome raffle basket.

If you have been thinking about adopting a kitten or cat, check out all the beautiful felines we have. Our adoption centre is at the back of the PetSmart store, straight ahead when you enter.

Why Microchip?


Oakville PetSmart
2501 Hyde Park Gate
Oakville, ON L6H6G6
(905) 829-9999

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Don’t Fear the Diabetic Cat

Don’t Fear the Diabetic Cat

Just like humans, cats can develop diabetes. And diabetes can be managed in a cat as it can be in a human. Diabetes can strike at any age but is more common in middle aged obese cats. Diet changes may help a cat with diabetes or they may require insulin. Some cats go into remission short or long term. They will often live into their teens, a normal life span for a cat.

From the Canadian Veterinary Association:
From Cornell Feline Health Centre:


Kenny, a friendly black long haired adult cat, was surrendered to Ninth Life along with his companion, Dexter. As beautiful as he was, the volunteers noted that Kenny’s coat appeared greasy but assumed he simply needed a good brushing. The coat, however, remained greasy and Kenny appeared to be losing weight and drinking too much water. A few days later, they discovered Kenny sitting in his urine soaked bed. And it happened a couple more times. Kenny was taken to our vet and diagnosed with diabetes. One of our foster moms, agreed to take him even though Kenny would be her first diabetic cat. The foster mom admits she was terrified when Kenny first arrived. If that was not enough of a challenge, ten days later she took on a second diabetic cat, eight year old Charlie!

Kenny is given an insulin injection twice a day (every 12 hours). He, and his buddy, Charlie, also are given a B12 injection once a week as the foster believes it is helpful. It may sound like a lot, but giving the injection is quick and routine (often easier than pilling a cat). B12 is inexpensive. Both insulin and B12 are available in a regular pharmacy. Vets usually recommend human grade insulin as the veterinary version, Caninsulin, although appropriate for dogs, metabolizes too quickly in cats.

At first I really didn’t like all that poking with needles, but I am used to it now and I am way better than in the beginning. Just have a treat or two and I will let you do anything as long as you are quick. I said I am getting used to it, NOT that I like it, so you take too long then I will run. I come with instructions, my foster mom’s info and a link to a great diabetic support group that my foster mom found for us. You will not be alone. There will be lots of help for you. Please give me a chance and take me into your family. I do know what it feels like to be in a family and be loved.


I’ve been diabetic for many years now, I have been passed on to so many homes that I forget if there was ever anyone that ever loved me? I was pretty much a messed up fur ball of emotions, not knowing what I did wrong, for so many people to NOT want me. I know my foster mom does, she tells me and shows me every day how much I am loved now. Mom has explained to me that if she could she would keep me but there are so many other cats out there that need her help, also I would get so much more attention in my own home. She has to juggle many cats and kittens each day, finding time for each of us. We all know she has loads of love but just not the space. She promises that she will make sure I am loved for the rest of my life once they find me my furever home. My foster mom already had her hands full with my diabetic buddy Kenny, when she agreed to take me on as well. The stories were that I was this vicious attack cat and it took two people to do my insulin and tests. If you just say NO to me and BE NICE Charlie, I will drop my attitude and you can finish what you were doing. Oops I guess I can’t fool her anymore. I guess if I’m telling you all my secrets I won’t be able to fool you either. Oh man!!

Every cat needs to have a veterinarian but it is especially important with a diabetic cat. Your veterinarian will monitor your cat and support you both when needed. It is daunting taking on your first diabetic cat but you will learn how to inject and monitor insulin and very soon you and kitty will be into a comfortable routine. Cats like Kenny and Charlie are worth it!

For more information, Kenny and Charlie are both featured on our Adoption page.


Article written by: Grace Robertson, with input from Carole-Anne Hughes.
Photos: Grace Robertson and Carole-Anne Hughes
Ninth Life Cat Rescue Volunteers
Feature image rescue cat: Kenny

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Adoption Weekend at PetSmart

Adoption Weekend at PetSmart

For all those who have been waiting for kittens, they are arriving Friday for adoption weekend.Please also look at the other wonderful cats we have. Closer to the weekend, we will be posting a collage of cat photos in the Adoption section of our website.

Cats are $195 CASH each (or $350 for a bonded pair of adult cats). You must have a carrier to transport kitty to your home.

Visit our Articles section of the website for information on what you need for your new kitty, how to introduce your new cat or kitten, or find out about our “two kitten rule”.

PetSmart Locations

Oakville PetSmart
2501 Hyde Park Gate
Oakville, ON L6H6G6
(905) 829-9999

Etobicoke PetSmart
158 North Queen Street
Etobicoke, ON M9C1A8
Ph: (416) 620-4648

Burlington PetSmart  
1200 Brant Street
Burlington, ON L7P5C6
Ph: (905) 331-5454


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Don’t Miss Our Joshua Creek Tea!

Don’t Miss  Our Joshua Creek Tea!

Time is running out! Buy your TICKETS now! As of September 4, only 10 tickets are left! Tickets will be on sale until Saturday, September 8 at 6:00 pm.

Autumn is almost here. Time to treat yourself and what better way than by joining us for our first Ninth Life High Tea at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre on Sunday, September 9th, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Bring a friend or come solo and meet new friends. Dress up or be casual. Tickets are $40 per person and include tea samplings, flavoured waters, fancy sandwiches and desserts by Chef Kimberly Ann Masco from Reds Restaurant. Raffles and draws. Live piano music. Everyone goes home with a thank you gift.

The grounds at Joshua Creek alone are worth a visit. There is a huge labyrinth, benches with a view of the valley, art installations throughout the property and artwork inside, a huge produce garden, flower beds everywhere, a pond, and more. The two story Barn Gallery is an 1827 barn that has been rebuilt.

You have probably heard about wine sommeliers. Well, a tea sommelier similarly shows you how to best pair tea with foods in order to enhance the flavour. The correct pairing of food and tea can make a huge difference. If you have always been meaning to try something other than pekoe tea bags, here’s your opportunity. Learn how to make a perfect cup of tea.

Sommelier Tracey Carr-Snyder will increase your knowledge of tea in a delightful way. Did you know that for centuries tea was used only as medicine? It took 3,000 years for it to become an everyday drink. Tea arrived in Canada in 1716, imported by the Hudson’s Bay Company, and took a year to arrive. In the mid 1700s, afternoon high tea was for working men, taken standing up or sitting on tall stools, thus “high” tea.

We are a volunteer organization and all funds raised go directly to the Rescue cats.


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