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Pasta for Paws Dinner

Pasta for Paws Dinner


A fun filled evening of good eats, good company and a great cause!

Pasta for Paws is a fantastic night that includes a sit down dinner consisting of two choices of salad, two choices of pasta, a delicious vegetable side, lots of freshly baked bread and ending with coffee or tea and dessert. There will be door prizes, and raffle tickets for sale to win some amazing donated prizes!

When: Wednesday February 21st, 2018  **note corrected date!**

Time: Doors at 6pm, Dinner at 6:30pm

Where: The Express Italian Eatery

Address: 349 Gray’s Road, Stoney Creek

Adult Tickets: $25

Kids under 12: $15

Kids under 3: Free

Get Tickets NOW  on Canada Helps >>  

***Please print or have your e-ticket available to show on your mobile device to check in at the door!***


Oven Fresh Baguettes & butter, Pepperoncino, Grated Parmigiano

Assorted veggie Bruschetta (cheese on half)

Penne in Tomato basil sauce (no cheese)

Farfalle with mushroom & Spinach in aglio olio pepperoncino (no cheese)

Seasoned Tossed Greens: Assorted greens tossed in our signature balsamic vinaigrette

Classic Caeser: Crisp romaine leaves tossed in a creamy garlic dressing topped with in-house cruotons

Hot Beverage: Coffee / Tea

All other beverages A la Carte!

If you have any dietary restrictions, please email us directly with the details to and we’ll sort it out. 

There will be vegetarian options available, but we cannot guarantee anything is 100% vegan beyond the salad. 




Join us for Coffee at Starbucks

Join us for Coffee at Starbucks

Come and join us tomorrow from 4-7 pm at the grand opening of Starbucks in Erin Mills Town Centre. Make a donation to Ninth Life Cat Rescue and get a free drink!

Thank you Starbucks for picking Ninth Life Cat Rescue to be there to help you celebrate your grand opening! Join us near centre court, look for our volunteers!


Meowloween Party ~ Sunday October 29th

Meowloween Party ~ Sunday October 29th

Join us for our 2nd Annual Meowloween Party! We’ve got two fantastic chefs cooking up a storm for us in the kitchen so we can raise much needed funds for Ninth Life Cat Rescue of Ontario! These two wonderful people are strong supporters of the rescue and are super excited to share their talent with us.

Chef Tom and Chef Kim have crafted a wonderful and fun meal with meat and vegetarian options. This ‘perfect for fall’ menu features a chili, taco and baked potato bar… with more than a dozen creative and delicious toppings. So excited to sample all the delicious fixings! Non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price of your ticket and the Legion will run a cash bar. Remember to drink responsibly.

Date: Sunday October 29th, 2017

Time: 4pm to 8pm, dinner served around 5:30

Location: Royal Canadian Legion 609

Address: 1133 Queen St. E, Brampton, Just East of Hwy 410


Throughout the evening, a raffle auction table will be set up so you can try and win awesome prizes donated by our generous supporters, as well as a 50/50 draw.

Local photographer, Stephanie Kretzschmer from AKA Photography, will have a spooky photo booth set up to capture your Meowloween memories There will also be a ‘best costume’ prize, so come dressed as your favourite Halloween character!

The meal will be topped off with an overflowing table of desserts prepared and donated by volunteers to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Adults $25

Kids under 12 $15

Kids under 3 are FREE

Advance tickets will ONLY be on sale until midnight on Saturday October 28th, 2017.


Above prices go up $5 


We strongly prefer if you purchase your tickets ahead of time to ensure that we have enough spaces set at the tables and enough food to feed everyone! Helps the volunteers to not be scrambling around last minute!

For questions about vegan options or other food restrictions and allergies, please contact the organizers at


Want to help out in another way? We would gladly accept in-kind donations of the most needed items for our foster homes, such as Royal Canin Babycat, kitten food, wet food, litter and kitten milk replacer. Also appreciated are gift cards for pet stores and gas stations for our volunteers who run errands. Cash and cheque donations are also welcome the night of the event or when purchasing your tickets.




Adoption Weekend at PetSmart Locations

Adoption Weekend at PetSmart Locations

Don’t forget to stop by one of our adoption centres from September 15-17th to find your furever friend (or two)! We will have volunteers on hand all weekend, at all locations, to answer your questions and introduce you to your new furry family member!

Meet the kitties looking for furever homes!

PetSmart Burlington (on Brant St.)


PetSmart Etobicoke (across from Sherway)


PetSmart Oakville (Dundas/Hwy. 403)


Click the pictures below to meet them all by name…




Fundraising Social at Emma’s Back Porch

Fundraising Social at Emma’s Back Porch

Join us for a social evening with food and friends at Emma’s Back Porch in Burlington, supporting Ninth Life Cat Rescue of Ontario.

Doors will open at 6:30 pm, and food will start flowing throughout the evening at 7 pm. Kids welcome until 9 pm. Dinner will be buffet style with food added throughout the evening. Seating at regular tables and standing at high top tables so we can mix, mingle and get to know our supporters.

Limited number of tickets available!
Adults $25, kids under 12 are $15, under 3 is free!

Get Tickets NOW! >>

Seriously, the event space can only hold a maximum of 65 people for a seated dinner, so get your tickets early so you don’t miss out!

Date: Wednesday September 27, 2017

Time: Doors 6:30 pm, Food starts at 7 pm

Location: Emma’s Back Porch, in the Lodge Private Party Room

Address: 2084 Old Lakeshore Rd, Burlington (Click for Map)

Dinner will start at 7 pm, buffet style with a mix of pub style food. Vegetarian options will be available. Food will be refreshed throughout the evening at the buffet, so start small and go back for seconds to ensure everyone is well fed! The dinner menu has not been fully determined yet, but you can visit Emma’s Back Porch website to get an idea of the type of food they serve. The buffet table will have a good mix and variety of food options.

Note: ALL drinks including soda beverages and alcoholic drinks are on your own tab.

We will also have a small raffle auction as well as a 50/50 going to raise extra funds. Also accepting in-kind donations of kitten food such as royal canin babycat, kitten milk replacer for our foster homes, and gift cards for pet stores and gas stations for our errand running volunteers. General cash/cheque donations can also be made the night of the event, or at the time of purchasing your tickets.

For questions about vegan options or other food restrictions and allergies, please contact the organizers at

Due to restrictions at the restaurant, we will NOT be accepting any desserts other than cake or cupcakes. If you would like to bring these items, please contact the organizers at


Here’s Why You Should NEVER Declaw Your Cats!

Here’s Why You Should NEVER Declaw Your Cats!

While it’s becoming increasingly uncommon, one question we’re often asked by pet owners and potential adopters is “should I declaw my cat?”

The short answer is NO – you should never declaw a cat or kitten!

The surgery is extremely invasive, painful, and has many long-term repercussions for both you and your pet.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should never declaw your furry friend.

#1. It’s an extremely painful surgery

While you may think declawing a cat is like trimming your nails, the surgery is equivalent to a human having their fingers removed up to the first knuckle.

#2. Claws are a cat’s main defence mechanism

If your cat ever finds itself in trouble with another human or animal, claws are their first line of defence. Without them, your cat will feel clumsy and helpless, and may not be able to take care of itself should a problem arise when you aren’t there to protect them.

#3. Declawing cats can change their behaviour for the worse

When a cat’s claws are taken away, it’s common for them to become nastier, and more aggressive as a way to compensate.

Often, cats who come to the shelter without their claws tend to bite or hiss more, and are much less social than those with their claws.

#4. Clawing is an important behaviour for cats

Not only are claws important for cats in terms of defence, but clawing is also a huge part of their daily lives! Cats and kittens claw to exercise, maintain their nails, and stretch their muscles. It can also be a main form of comfort for cats in stressful situations.

Claws are an integral part of a cat or kitten’s lifestyle. Taking them away is not only painful and intrusive, but it could have long-term effects to your pet’s behaviour.

What can you do instead?

#1. Provide scratching posts

Cats need to be able to stretch and scratch on a rough, stable surface. Choose a scratching post or surface that is 3 feet or higher and made of rough material. Make sure the post has a stable base so it doesn’t fall onto your cat while it’s being used. Soft carpeting won’t necessarily fulfill a cat’s need to scratch. Sprinkle catnip on the scratching post periodically to encourage them to use it.

#2. Keep their nails trimmed

Build trust with your cat so they allow you to trim their nails regularly. When your cat is relaxed, use nail trimmers to trim the hooked part of their nail. Gently press the pad of their paw until the claws extend and you can see them clearly. Be careful to only cut the tip of the nail while avoiding the ‘quick’, which is the part that can bleed if trimmed too short.

Looking for more information about declawing your cat and strategies to manage this behaviour? Learn more on

Are you interested in adopting a cat or kitten? If so, see our adoptable animals here!


Written by: Shelby Andrews & Danielle Kramer, Ninth Life Cat Rescue Volunteers


Adoption Success Stories

Adoption Success Stories

Share Your Adoption Stories

Every year hundreds of cats travel through Ninth Life Cat Rescue. Their new life starts on the day they are rescued and move into a foster home. In Foster care, they received love, affection, warmth and security. Our foster parents care deeply for the cats entrusted to them. Many cats also spend some time in one of our adoption centres. Here, more volunteers socialize and play with the cats while getting to know their personalities even more to help them find a perfect home match for our kitties. And then you come along! You make the decision to provide a forever home to these fur-babies who have already received so much love. All of the volunteers thank you for loving them as we have, and we would LOVE to see how they are doing in their new home.

All posts will be pending until approved by an admin, therefore you will not see your post right away. Check back shortly to see and share!

Click ‘read more’ to submit your story to our website…

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Pizza for Paws Fundraiser

Pizza for Paws Fundraiser

Join us for a great evening of delicious food, friends and support a great cause!

Thank you!! Fantastic night and so great to see past adopters, friends and family and supporters. Together we raised just over $1900 and had fun doing it. See you at the next dinner!

Many of you know about the recent cat hoarding situation that Ninth Life Cat Rescue was involved with and that we were able to rescue 18 cats, including 4 pregnant young females. It’s also a super busy kitten season!

Regarding the recent mass rescue, the condition of the cats is quite poor and many will need expensive vet care including dental, medications, vaccinations, and spay/neuter procedures. Their ailments include: tooth resorption, diarrhea, severe stomatitis (a dental/gum disease), cracked teeth requiring extraction, matting, dehydration, severe ear mites, our lovely Holly who is both pregnant and suffering from an eye condition yet to be determined, as well as Ivy our special girl who was born with congenital deformities affecting her mobility. Out vet bill estimate isn’t totaled yet, but it will be far more than adoption fees and donations to date will cover.

Did you also know how many pregnant cats and kitten litters are currently in the rescue? We have at least 18 litters of kittens and 4 pregnant mommas. But we probably have even more! During kitten season, some items our foster families use such as babycat and other wet kitten food, kitten milk replacer and litter are used in huge amounts. These foster homes sometimes wish they could register these babies for a baby shower! Let’s shower our foster homes with love and support while caring for this spring’s kittens.

Get your tickets HERE!! >>

When: Wednesday June 14, 2017

Time: 6-9pm

Where: Boston Pizza

Address: 2011 Winston Park Dr, Oakville

What: Dinner, door prizes, 50/50, ticket auction table

Adult Tickets: $25

Kids under 12: $15

Kids under 3: Free

If you have a large party more than 4 people and would like to guarantee that you are able to sit together, we STRONGLY recommend making a reservation with the restaurant directly. Just mention you are attending the Ninth Life Fundraiser that night and how many seats are required. Don’t worry, there is lots of seating for up to 140, but we don’t want anyone to be disappointed if they can’t sit together.

***Please print or have your e-ticket available to show on your mobile device to check in at the door!***

If you have any dietary restrictions, please email us directly with the details to and we will do our best to accommodate.



House Salad (with dressing selection on the side -includes at least 1 vegan dressing)

Caeser Salad (Tossed)


Pepperoni Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza (*vegetarian)

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Penne with Marinara (*vegetarian)


Selection provided by Volunteers


All drinks are a la carte

People often ask how they can help other than financial donations. Our vet bills are the most important cost for us to stay on top off, but many of our foster homes would also welcome many of these items below. During kitten season, some of these are even more important!  We thank you for any support.


The Day We Rescued 19 Cats

The Day We Rescued 19 Cats

We Need Your Help

On Saturday May 27, 2017 the Ninth Life family grew by 18 cats, plus 4 tummies full of kittens. Last week some of you may have heard about a cat hoarding situation. In response, Ninth Life Cat Rescue, along with several other rescue groups, rallied the forces and stepped in so save these precious lives. It is estimated there were more than 70 cats living in a two bedroom apartment.

The amazing foster network and volunteers of Ninth Life came together to respond to this urgent situation in about 24 hours. We are so glad to have rescued 18 of the most gentle, desperate for love, and innocent souls. We want our supporters to be able to have a glimpse into a day of rescue. It can be so heartbreaking, and yet, so rewarding. This is why we created this short video to help you understand what a day like this is like. Emotional, teary, and moving. We don’t want to focus on where they came from as it not our place to make judgements, but we prefer to focus on the bright future we hope they will have in our care.

Of these cats, many are: polydactyl, have significant dental issues, severe stomatitis, upper respiratory infection, most are not spayed or neutered, 4 young females are currently pregnant, one has some major leg deformities, 1 has either a major eye infection or she is blind (she is also pregnant), dehydrated, 1 poor boy was very matted and needed a full shave, plus a whole host of other health issues. They were treated for fleas, ear mites and dewormed. We are so grateful to one of our partner vets and her team who stayed from the afternoon late into the evening to help with intake by getting them assessed, sorted, bathed and nail trimmed as needed, and give them much needed medications and vaccines to those who were healthy enough.

The vet costs associated with treating all of the above is yet to be determined, but their adoption fee will not come close to covering it all. I know we ask so often for financial support, but if you can donate financially, even a few dollars, every little bit helps.

The 19th was a little white kitten found outside and alone.

You can Donate on Canada Helps:



Yard Sale June 3 in Carlisle

Yard Sale June 3 in Carlisle


Come visit us! Lots of stuff including clothes, housewares, furniture…tons to choose from! All proceeds to Ninth Life Cat Rescue. Thanks for checking it out!


Charity Pub Night

Charity Pub Night

Join us for an evening of great food, mixing and mingling, games, auctions, and dancing! Plus, you’re supporting a great local charity!

Featuring the fantastic DJ Lulu from MissMix Music Professional DJ Services

Date: Saturday April 1st, 2017
Time: 7pm to 1am
Location: Hosted by Gabriel’s Restaurant
Address: 6501 Mississauga Road, Mississauga

Cost: $40 per person


Buffet Dinner inclues: Caesar salad, Chicken Wings, Chicken Fingers, Spring Rolls, Assortment of Gourmet Pizzas, Penne in a Rose Sauce, Shrimp Cocktail Platter, Smoked Norwegian Salmon Platter, Cheese Platter, Assorted Desserts.


Thank you everyone! Fantastic turnout and we raised $4500 towards vet bills, absolutely incredible. 

Join us on the Facebook Event Page for updates!


Pasta for Paws Dinner Fundraiser

Pasta for Paws Dinner Fundraiser
Ninth Life Cat Rescue Presents “Pasta for Paws”

A fun filled evening of good eats, good company and a great cause!

When: Wednesday February 22nd, 2017
Time: Doors at 6pm, Dinner at 6:30pm
Where: The Express Italian Eatery
Address: 349 Gray’s Road, Stoney Creek

Pasta for Paws is a fantastic night that includes a sit down dinner consisting of two choices of salad, two choices of pasta, a delicious vegetable side, lots of freshly baked bread and ending with coffee or tea and dessert. There will be door prizes for everyone, and raffle tickets for sale to win some amazing prizes!

Tickets are available NOW on our secure Canada Helps page   >> BUY TICKETS NOW


Adult Tickets: $25

Kids under 12: $15

Kids under 3: Free

Please print or have your e-ticket available to show on your mobile device to check in at the door! 

Buffet Style Menu

Starters: Oven Fresh Baguettes & Butter, Pepperoncino, Grated Parmigiano
Assorted Veggie Bruschetta

Seasoned Tossed Greens: assorted greens tossed in signature balsamic vinaigrette

Classic Caeser: crisp romaine leaves tossed in a creamy garlic dressing topped with in-house croutons

Penne in Tomato Basil Sauce

Farfalle with Mushroom & Spinach inaglio olio pepperoncino

Coffee and Tea

Mixed Desserts: wide variety provided by NLCR volunteers

*all beverages other than coffee, tea and water are extra, but are available

For any questions, email us at

If you have any dietary restrictions, please email us directly with the details to and we’ll be in touch to make arrangements. 

There are vegan options available. But if you have any specific concerns, please contact the restaurant directly to ask questions about their ingredients. 


Map to The Express: 



Thank you for joining us! Hope you had a fantastic evening. With your support, we raised $1968 to put towards the vet costs for cats and kittens being cared for by the rescue! It was a hugely successful night with 70 people coming out. We will DEFINITELY be doing this dinner next year. Let’s aim to fill the restaurant!


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